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Corrections and Complaints

Requests for corrections and complaints concerning news and editorial content of the Wildcat should be directed only to the editor in chief. For further information on the Wildcat's approved grievance policy, readers may contact Mark Woodhams, director of student publications, Student Union, Room 5.

Staff and Guest Columns

The Arizona Daily Wildcat accepts guest columns from all of its readers. Signed opinion columns, whether staff generated or guest submitted, are published to provide additional viewpoints and to encourage debate on issues important to the university community. Columns represet the opinions of the author and not those of the newspaper.

Copyright Information:

All copy, photographs and graphics, appearing in the Arizona Daily Wildcat and the Arizona Daily Wildcat Online are the sole property of the Wildcat and may not be reproduced without specific written permission from the editor in chief. A single copy of the Wildcat is free from newsstands. Unauthorized removal of multiple copies may be considered theft and will be prosecuted. Additional copies of the Wildcat are available from the Student Publications office.