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Need for Code changes recognized

By Veda Hunn and Melissa Vito
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 22, 2000
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To the editor,

We want to thank the Wildcat for continuing to aggressively report and comment on issues which are important to students and which impact the safety and climate of our campus community. We also share your concern about the inadequacies of our current Code of Conduct.

We want to provide you a bit of background to let you know what we are doing to revise the Code and implement one which better reflects the needs of our community. Among the issues we are addressing is the inclusion of a prohibited item addressing sexual misconduct.

The current code was revised over a decade ago and does not use the term "sexual misconduct" as a prohibited item. However, based on national trends and experience, we believe that the Code should now specifically use language prohibiting sexual misconduct. The draft item we are reviewing for addition as a prohibited item of conduct reads: "Engaging in sexual misconduct with a person who has not given consent or who is legally unable to give consent."

The same Code of Conduct is used at all Arizona universities and so any revision must be done in concert with the other schools and must be approved by the Arizona Board of Regents. About 18 months ago, staff from the Dean of Students Office across the state came together to initiate a review of the current Code and begin the process of drafting a new Code. So far, at the University of Arizona, we have received input from students (including the student regent and members of the Student Leadership Advisory Team), legal counsel, the Student Affairs Policy Committee of the UA Faculty Senate. ASUA has recently appointed two students to help review what we have drafted so far. In addition, this process has occurred at each of the other universities in the state.

We actively seek student input into this process and welcome your comments or participation. Please send us your comments or indicate if you would like to be involved by calling us at 621-7059 or through e-mail at voice@u.arizona.edu.

Veda Hunn

Associate Dean of Students

Melissa Vito

Associate Vice-President for Campus Life and Dean of Students

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