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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Tuesday February 22, 2000 Web Posted- 08:35:23

McCain rally packs Bear Down

Outside, what's left of the UA Mall was cloudy and wet. Inside Bear Down Gymnasium, however, there was heat - in the form of flashing lights and the making of a hyped political rock show. Its star was Arizona Sen. John McCain. The Straight Talk Express had come back to Arizona one day before the state's primary. Music by Blink 182 and The Offspring pulsed out into the crowd what university police said was 5,000 supporters, including the overflow who had to remain outside. "You're going to be on national television," said one McCain supporter presiding over the rally's opening, as the crowd waved their signs and chanted "we want John; we want John," amid flashing red, blue and green lights.    [More]
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UA students turn out in support of McCain
Cameras, camcorders and enthusiastic cheers filled the interior of UA's Bear Down Gymnasium last night as thousands of people crowded in to get a glimpse of John McCain. "I'm a little surprised at how the set up is with the music - I feel like I am at a concert rather than a political thing," said Ryann Lucas, University of Arizona accounting and finance junior.    [More]

UA softball team hosts defending NAIA champions
UA softball head coach Mike Candrea will do just about anything to find early season competition, even if it means scheduling a foreign team. The No. 4 Wildcats face their only international challenge of the year this afternoon in Simon Fraser of British Columbia, Canada. "I haven't heard anything about them, I have just heard a little bit that they are from Canada," sophomore first baseman/pitcher Jennie Finch said. "Coach said, 'Let's stick it to them.'"    [More]

Necessary absurdity
[news] Students Against Sweatshops held a rally in front of the Administration building last Friday to show President Peter Likins just how serious it is about its request that he withdraw the UA from the federally sponsored Fair Labor Association and enter it into the independent Worker Rights Consortium. The rally came on the heels of a successful United Students Against Sweatshops sit-in at the University of Pennsylvania, where the group had the same goals as our SAS. Last year SAS held a sit-in in President Likins' office, and there are rumors that they may try it again. This may seem silly, absurd, even obnoxious, but if Students Against Sweatshops ever hopes to accomplish its goals, there is no other way but to continue holding rallies, sit-ins, marches and fasts.    [More]

Creator displays eclectic dance form
[news] The creator of Pan-African dance will give a lecture and performance on his art on Wednesday in the Education building. Eno Washington, who created the discipline 30 years ago, will make his first visit to the University of Arizona campus with a talk on "Pan-African Dance in the 21st Century" in the Kiva Auditorium at 4 p.m.    [More]

"I spent a half hour with Hillary, and look what happened to me."

-David Letterman on his newfound respect for President Clinton because Hillary Clinton was Lettermanās guest two nights before his quintuple bypass surgery.

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