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Executive VP candidates push for student involvement

By La Monica Everett-Haynes
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 24, 2000
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Pushing issues of reform and pledging to pay more attention to students, candidates for ASUA's executive vice presidential seat are looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday's primary elections across campus.

Last year, Ben Graff ran uncontested for the position - which controls and governs the Associated Students Senate.

When it comes to leadership skills, Erick Negri said one of the most important abilities is never forgetting the purpose of a task or feat. „Sometimes, when individuals get involved in leadership positions, they forget why they are there,š Negri said. „I think it is really important to remember you are no different from anyone else.š Negri, originally from Valencia, Calif., boasts skills that he said enhance his leadership abilities. „I think the most important part of my leadership ability is that I am just like everyone else,š Negri said. „I have been involved in several different aspects of this campus.š Setting and tackling goals will lead to a better dialogue between students and student government, Negri said. Negri is proposing more interaction with himself, students and clubs. He said he intends to implement two forums so students and clubs will be able to voice their opinions or seek assistance from ASUA. „My main goal as executive vice president is to increase the student voice within ASUA,š he said. Through his current position as an ASUA senator, Ray Quintero said he has been exposed to student issues that will help him reach the height of effective service as executive vice president. „I think it‚ll help me because of the experience I have, as well as the contacts I have gained this year,š Quintero said. „Just knowing the ins and outs of the student body and knowing how to work with administration (will be beneficial),š he said. Quintero, a Tucson native, said he has become especially involved in on-campus student involvement. „One of the problems I see with students not getting involved is that they are unaware of all the things on campus,š Quintero said. Quintero said his newsletter calendar, „Strive for Wildcat Excellence,š will promote the notion that there is „something for everyoneš on the UA campus. Quintero also said he hopes to make students feel more welcome by initiating the Bear Down President‚s Council, which would involve campus organizations and strive to help students to feel more important to the university. With what he feels is adequate experience in UA clubs and organizations, ASUA Club Advocate Scott Lavit wants to improve key issues facing campus clubs as executive vice president. „I‚ve been involved on a daily basis with clubs on fundraising, recognition and recruitment,š said Lavit, from Phoenix. „My involvement with clubs and organizations has helped me to be well informed about what is going on in residence halls, greek houses, and clubs and organizations,š he said. He said he will try to encourage more campus involvement with experience and enthusiastic motivation toward student issues. „My track record of what I have accomplished and what I plan to accomplish is beneficial, and with it, I plan to expand on that in how I help the campus,š Lavit said. „Instead of talking about general reform ideas, I‚m trying to offer a kind of plan with concrete solutions,š he said.

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