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Editorial: Primary election endorsements

Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 28, 2000
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ASUA primaries have rolled around once again, and once again the student organization seems to be pleading for votes.

Returning Associated Students candidates are looking to improve the voter turnout tomorrow and most candidates are running on a platform of increasing student involvement.

After interviews with executive vice presidential and presidential candidates - the only positions affected by tomorrow's elections - the Wildcat has chosen candidates for the executive board who seem most fit to represent the University of Arizona student body.

Presidential primary

The ASUA presidential candidates cover a vast range of topics and experience levels, but Benjamin Graff seems to be the most prepared for the job.

With a fervor for university issues being taken to the state level, Graff proposed that ASUA work more closely with the Legislature and the Arizona Board of Regents on the topics of tuition and advising.

Last semester UA President Peter Likins and the state were exploring a tuition indexing plan that would raise tuition by about 10 percent a year, but simultaneously raise the amount of financial aid awarded to students.

However, Graff said the best form of financial aid is low tuition. He favors an increase that reflects the rate of inflation plus 1 percent.

Graff also presented plans to move funds for advising to the state level and create a more centralized advising system.

Of the three presidential candidates, Graff presented the most concrete means of fulfilling his campaign promises. And after three years serving ASUA, Graff is the only person running with the experience needed to confidently lobby at the state level.

Executive Vice President

When picking candidates for an office as complex as executive vice president of ASUA, it is best to choose the one with the most experience in dealing with campus clubs and organizations and their various funding needs.

The best candidate for the job, the one whom UA students ought to vote for in Tuesday's primary, is Scott Lavit.

ASUA executive vice president is mainly in charge of working with all campus clubs and helping them meet their funding needs. Lavit has served effectively as an ASUA club advocate for the 1999-2000 school year. He has proven his dedication to his job and all campus clubs by drafting a Guide to ASUA Special Funding for Recognized Clubs and Organizations. This document essentially guides campus clubs in how to convince ASUA to fund their club. Its four sections map out the kinds of funding clubs may need and those which ASUA does not fund, provide a sample funding request form, and what to expect when lobbying before the ASUA Appropriations Board.

In addition, Lavit serves as president of the Delta Epsilon Chi business fraternity, is the vice president of the state's DECA program, and is president of the Coronado Hall Council. His many leadership efforts, inside and outside ASUA, prove Lavit's leadership abilities in many areas. Clearly, Lavit knows the position and will continue to be an asset to ASUA and the rest of the UA campus community.

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