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Arizona Daily WildcatASUA Senate Endorsments

By Wildcat Opinions Board
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
March 8, 2000
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For the many offices of ASUA Senators

Diversity was a word thrown around a lot among candidates for Senate. If there is one word to describe the list of candidates, it is diverse. This year's election clearly brought people out of the cracks - non-traditional students, RHA representatives, greek members, athletes and some who simply defied classification. The Opinions Board faced some difficult choices while separating the wholly impressive crowd - including worthy candidates like Charla Carr, Roby Shapira, Geoff Spencer and Emily Cadamagnani - but here are the best candidates:

Bron D'Angelo

Straight out of Marana, Bron D'Angelo steps up to the election with an air of sincerity and true awe of the University of Arizona's potential.

His experience dealing with ASUA as part of the Arizona Men's Rugby Club opened his eyes to the resources available but disappointed him because of the lack of availability.

His platform is simple - listen to problems clubs have and tell them what they can do.

He plans to educate club members about recruiting and fundraising, thereby increasing UA extra-curricular involvement.

D'Angelo said he notices a lack of listening among the senate, and wants to fill that hole. Bron D'Angelo is like that guy everyone can go to for advice, and the ASUA Senate could use that guy.

Tricia Williams

As a political science major, Tricia Williams hopes to serve as a voice for the students and an informational resource for issues that affect the UA.

Her major platform issue is funding for clubs.

Instead of spreading existing money, Williams hopes to encourage alternative funding methods for all UA clubs and organizations.

This is a good way to ensure that all clubs can help themselves, as ASUA funding can't serve everyone.

Williams said she also wants to tackle the ASUA Escort Service's budget crisis by soliciting donated vehicles.

Kristel Miller

Most of the candidates in this election are campaigning on the big issues: funding the escort service; creating professional advising; eliminating the parking problem. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will be able to solve the big problems.

That is why we are endorsing the candidacy of Kristel Miller. While she is concerned with the larger issues, she has made her platform out of three smaller issues: a room-mate matching program for freshmen; longer hours for the MSU dining facilities and setting all of the clocks to the same time.

These aren't huge changes, but they are exactly the kind of things that ASUA can accomplish, and the kind of thing that would make life on campus just a little more pleasant for all of us.

Rebecca Broky

Through her work in the College of Architecture, Rebecca Broky has already demonstrated her willingness to work hard on specific projects. She has gotten more than $5,000 worth of equipment donated to her college and wants to solicit more donations for ASUA.

Broky also understands that positive changes in club involvement and student apathy will not come from mass e-mails, but instead, personal interaction from ASUA officials.

It is clear that Broky wants all UA students to be represented in ASUA, including those that do not serve in a club.

Danille Roberts

Danielle Roberts is also an excellent candidate for ASUA Senate. As a mother who is also going to school, Roberts can effectively give a voice to the high population of independent working students at the UA.

Furthermore, she understands which issues hit these students the hardest.

Most importantly, Roberts plans to use her position in the Senate to lobby for a child care program for working parents attending the UA, something the administration has yet to accomplish.

She would like to pursue partnerships with local child care businesses and explore a variety of other plans that do not necessarily require large amounts of funding.

Roberts would also like to allow the UA family studies department to use the child care facility for research purposes so it benefits academic programs at the UA as well.

Furthermore, Roberts understands the campus housing dilemma and wants to work toward improving Christopher City and providing adequate housing for all campus students. She also wants to see sexual misconduct added to the UA code of conduct and plans to lobby the administration to accomplish this.

Finally, Roberts is opposed to the state legislature attempting to control the UA and knows the importance of allowing the university to handle its problems on its own.

Clearly, Danielle Roberts will be an asset to the ASUA Senate. She is a candidate who will diligently and effectively represent not only independent working students, but the UA as a whole.

Gino Duran

Gino Duran was a student government representative while at Purdue University and, as such, worked closely with the governor of Indiana - while working 40 hours a week and managing a full course load.

Though Duran's platform is based on his personal situation - juggling full-time work and classes - he has spoken with several organizations for hours at a time and has the dedication to continue this once in office.

He hopes to lighten the burden on full time students who work by examining student job availability and pay rates at the UA, the possibility of more night classes and easing students' commutes with geography-based parking permits.

Duran has his stuff together - much more so than some candidates with far fewer time constraints on their plate.

Duran says he wants to provide an "independent voice for independent students," and given his experience and understanding of working students, he will.

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