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IFC resolution has no effect on late nights

By Ryan Gabrielson
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
March 21, 2000
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As the Interfraternity Council begins implementing the first stages of its Social Event Relocation, a large number of alcohol-related events continue to be held at chapter houses.

The phasing-out of parties at chapter houses is scheduled to begin in the fall 2000 semester, limiting the number of Greeks Advocating for the Mature Management of Alcohol regulated events to five per chapter house that semester.

While the resolution will phase out parties registered with GAMMA - an organization composed of Greek members that regulates alcohol use and safety at fraternity events - late night parties would not be affected by the resolution.

"We all know that late nights happen," said Allison Halcomb, GAMMA chairwoman. "If we find out about a late night we make a referral (to the Greek Judicial Board)."

The Judicial Board then determines whether the chapter and members involved are guilty of what they have been accused. The board is also in charge of determining whether a chapter house deserves social probation.

GAMMA regulations began in 1990 and ban all late night parties.

"It's been illegal since 1990 (to host late night parties)," Halcomb said.

The resolution states that of the 99 parties registered with GAMMA in spring 1999, only 32 were on-campus events.

"Only 30 percent of parties are held on campus," said Kathy Adams Riester, coordinator for Greek Life.

The following spring, only three alcohol-related events will be allowed in the chapter houses and at the end of the two-year process, only a Homecoming event will be allowed.

"The effects don't start till fall," said Bob Gordon, University of Arizona Greek Life coordinator. "But the education has increased."

This semester, every chapter house is to have at least one educational presentation concerning the safe consumption of alcohol.

The education is to be aided by greek organizations like Advocates for National Greek Leadership and Education.

Any gathering that has 10 or more non-chapter members or the equivalent of 25 percent, like if a house has 20 members and there are 5 non-chapter members in attendance, it must be registered with GAMMA.

GAMMA places requirements on the starting and ending times of parties along with other procedures concerning the serving of alcohol.

Late night parties, since they are not registered with GAMMA, have no such regulations.

"Late nights are illegal according to GAMMA regulations," Gordon said. "When late nights are discovered we take it through a process, investigate and find whatever sanctions are appropriate."

"GAMMA policy is being held up well," Gordon said.

Jeff Evans, Interfraternity Council president, said he doesn't believe that moving GAMMA regulated events off-campus will cause an increase in the number of late night parties.

"I don't think the problem will increase, its just going to be regulated more," Evans said.

Evans added that GAMMA intends to revise its current policy, including new regulations on late night events.

While both GAMMA and Greek Life Programs acknowledge the existence of late night events, several chapter presidents said their houses don't break GAMMA rules.

"There are no late nights," said Chad Foust, president of Kappa Sigma fraternity. "We go by GAMMA rules, we don't have late nights."

Will Anthony, president of the Kappa Alpha fraternity said that his fraternity does not host late nights either.

"We don't have (late nights), we do whatever (the IFC) tells us to," Anthony said.

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