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Arizona Daily Wildcat, September 8, 1999

Middle Tennessee State at No. 19 Arizona No. 16 Notre Dame at No. 20 Purdue No. 10 Georgia Tech at No. 1 Florida State No. 14 UCLA at No. 13 Ohio State Washington at Brigham Young
sports editor
Now the Blue Raiders are showing some you-know-what by coming to Tucson this weekend! Now, it doesn‚t mean they are going to come into Arizona Stadium and knock off the Wildcats, but they are showing they want to belong in Division I-A. Arizona 48, MTSU 12 Drew Brees vs. Jarious Jackson ų no contest. Fighting Irish vs. Boilermakers ų now we‚re talkin‚. Notre Dame takes another shot at a Big Ten team on the road, and this time they actually have a chance. Irish win by a field goal. Notre Dame 28, Purdue 25 I hate Bobby Bowden and his stupid accent, but somehow his teams are always No. 1. Not after Joe Hamilton and the Yellow Jackets are done with them. That‚s right, Tech goes into Tallahassee and silences the őTomahawk Chop.‚ Georgia Tech 24, Florida State 22 Oregon couldn‚t do it, neither could Arizona, so what makes anyone think that the Bruins will walk into „The Horseshoeš and beat the Buckeyes? Cooper finds a way to win this one and keep his team from falling completely out of the BCS picture for now. Ohio State 48, UCLA 25 BYU may be the most underrated football program in the 90‚s, and the Huskies could be the most overrated. Neuheisel and his purple warriors ride into Provo and find out what it is like to lose and not be able to drink their sorrows away afterwards. BYU 31, Washington 21
asst. sports ed.
MTSU was a whopping 5-5 in Division I-AA last year and still moved up a division. In the grand tradition of Central Florida, Marshall and Boise State, the Blue Raiders need a coming-out party. They get theirs at Arizona Stadium with a close loss. Arizona 35, MTSU 27 Two of the nation‚s most boring towns collide this weekend in a game that will set the corn on fire. Jarious Jackson for the NFL? Drew Brees for Heisman? Since when? Notre Dame 19, Purdue 17 Looking at the rankings, you‚d expect this to be a close game, but the ACC will always be the ACC, and Florida State romps again. How much longer do we have to put up with Tech, UNC and Virginia being ranked so high before going 8-4? Florida State 34, Georgia Tech 13 Led by Danny Farmer, the greatest white receiver since ex-Wildcat-er Chris Reimer, UCLA gets the Pac-10 some respect back by knocking off the Bucks in the őshoe.‚ As The Sporting News said, John Cooper, meet Dick Tomey... UCLA 27, Ohio State 23 New Huskies coach Rick Neuheisel sure must be happy to be out of Colorado after its recent spanking by Colorado State. The former UCLA player and coach gets a welcome back to the Pac with... a loss. BYU 31, Washington 17
sports reporter
I thought the Jerry Lewis telethon was last week! Props to the Blue Raiders for challenging themselves, but Keith Smith will return to his old form as the Wildcats beat the boys from Murfreesboro, Tenn.. Stick to playing teams like Troy State and NE Louisiana, boys. Arizona 70, MTSU 6 In an all-out Indiana slugfest, the Boilermakers record five interceptions and send Jarious Jackson on a vacation to the middle of nowhere, where he can hang out with Kevin McDougal, Rick Mirer and Ron Powlus. Purdue 35, Notre Dame 14 As much as I hate to say it, Free Shoes U will reveal Tech as the pretenders they are. Look for Bobby Bowden and his hideous Oakleys to win in a romp. Wouldn‚t watch this game if you paid me. I hate southern football! Florida State 42, Georgia Tech 21 What can I say... I‚m a SoCal. The Bruins, their legs fresh from the short walk from the handicapped spaces to the practice field, will take this thing. Drew Bennett uses John Wooden‚s pyramid of success to muscle past the Suck-eyes in a tight one. UCLA 30, OSU 27 Rick Neuheisel is UW‚s new man, but it‚s the same old stuff for the purple and gold...disappointment. Look for the Mountain West Conference to make its mark on the college football ranks as BYU coasts. BYU 27, Washington 10
sports reporter
Middle Tennessee exports include whiskey, bad football and some other things we‚re not allowed to talk about. Arizona 42, MTSU 7 The Irish are notorious for their resilience Ų they bounced back after the potato famine, they battled against British reign and my Uncle John O‚Neil woke up at four in the morning after pounding half a bottle of scotch. Notre Dame 30, Purdue 27 A Florida State game is just about as good as Mr. Big and Poison coming to my house to play a live show. FSU will give you something to believe in. Bring on the McNasty. FSU 45, Georgia Tech 28 After a win against perennial powerhouse Boise State, UCLA will go into „The Horseshoeš minus key starters and the bad karma of the Pac-10. Ohio State will bounce back like Jordan Knight after their opening loss to Miami. Ohio State 27, UCLA 14 The Cougars‚ program is solid while the Huskies are in limbo. The two teams will leave it out on the field but the Huskies will leave a little more...pride. BYU 35, Washington 30

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