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Wildcats narrowly escape with a win against Wildchairs in Lame for a Game


Arizona Daily Wildcat

Senior forward Eugene Edgerson shoots as two Wildchairs look on during Lame for a Game last night at McKale Center. The event is a fundraiser for the Center for Disability Related Resources, which supports six Wildchair athletic teams in sports ranging from basketball to rugby. The Wildchairs guaranteed victory over the Wildcats, but thanks to frustration slams and two 10-point baskets, the Wildcats were able to squeak out a 59-55 victory. For the complete story, visit the Wildcat Online at Wildcat.Arizona.edu.

By Bryan Rosenbaum
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
April 6, 2000
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Thanks to two 10-point baskets and numerous frustration slams, the men's and women's basketball teams escaped with a 59-55 victory against the UA Wildchairs in the 17th annual Lame for a Game wheelchair basketball game.

Aside from the Wildchairs guaranteeing victory before the game started, the final score had little importance, as the event is a fundraiser for the Center for Disability Related Resources, which supports six Wildchair athletic teams.

"It's a lot of fun," sophomore forward Richard Jefferson said. "It's a chance to see how fortunate you really are. Even though these guys are in wheelchairs, they're still athletes."

Jefferson, Michael Wright, Rick Anderson, John Ash, Mike Schwertley, Josh Pastner, Eugene Edgerson, Gilbert Arenas and Lamont Frazier represented the UA men's team, while Tatum Brown, Angela Lackey, Felecity Willis and Krista Warren represented the women's team.

The Wildcats found maneuvering around the court in a wheelchair more difficult than it looked, and were allowed four frustration slams to try and even out the score. Jefferson and Arenas took advantage of these dunks, probably taking more than the allowed four per half.

Jefferson and Arenas also hit the 10-point baskets to help push the Wildcats over the Wildchairs.

"Without those, we're losing by a lot," Jefferson said.

More important than the scoreboard, though, the game gave the Wildchairs a chance to show their skills off and the Wildcats a chance to play under less pressure.

"It's wonderful," said Wildchair Brad Lang, UA class of 1989. "It's nice to see the crowd support. I'm personally very appreciative of their support towards the Cedar Program."

Wildchair captain Rudy Gallego, Sr., is phasing himself out of playing in the Lame for a Game. A UA graduate in 1978, "No Shoes" Gallego is a regular for this event, but says each time is special.

"We love it, the university is great and the community is great," Gallego said. "We're trying to create a relationship with the fans. This is one of those times where we can say thanks to them."

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