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A New Information Revolution

Silicon Valley may be the center for the Internet boom, but about 30 researchers believe that a new information revolution is centered in Tucson. According to research presented at the "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, information could be a fundamental part of the universe - as fundamental as chemistry or physics. "We are considering the idea that information has a fundamental property," said Paavo PylkkŠnen, an assistant professor in philosophy from the University of Skšvde, Skšvde, Sweden.Around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, PylkkŠnen presented theories based on the Bohmian model of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a modern field in physics dealing with the fundamental laws of the universe.    [More]
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Disappeared performers force show's cancellation
[news] Seventeen of 28 members of the Ballet d'Afrique Noire disappeared in Berkeley, Calif. on Monday afternoon, forcing UA Presents to cancel its Friday night performance of "The Mandinka Epic." "It stinks. I'm furious with them, but I sympathize with their illusions of this country," said Jane Hermann, vice president and director of dance for the company's representation. After an evening show, the performers - mostly from the West African nation of Senegal - were expected to board their buses at noon.    [More]

Wildcats dodge weather, win first trip to Washington
[news] As if the UA baseball team didn't have enough going against them last weekend, the team had to deal with new surroundings. With the expansion of the Pacific 10 Conference into the Pacific Northwest, the University of Washington has become a new opponent for Arizona. Despite playing without starting right fielder Shelley Duncan, the Wildcats managed to take two of three games from the Huskies.    [More]

Exercise caution in bank search
[news] With the exit of DM Federal Credit Union, the university is in search of a new banking partner. This banking partner will be responsible for improving on the recent record of the university's banking partners, and ensuring that the bank the university refers its students to is secure. These will be major challenges for any bank, and we should take steps to ensure that the university chooses the new partner wisely.    [More]

Tucson's Funky Bonz gives audiences energetic live experience
[news] For local band Funky Bonz, combining elements of differing musical scenes is just as important as tapping into the pool of Tucson musicians. Easily recognizable by their on-stage attire - safety goggles and lab coats with the Funky Bonz emblems on back - the band bends sounds from multiple musical genres into a style as distinct as front man Brent Kort's stovepipe, candy-striped Dr. Suess' hat. Despite carrying a cast from former local bands like Four Pigs, Greyhound Soul and New Mexico musicians the Rails, the band is something entirely its own.    [More]

'Ms. Morrisâ allegation was destructive, damaging and insulting to our students and members of the districtâs minority community. I am sickened this occurred.'

-Amphitheater Public Schools Superintendent Robert J. Smith, on La Cima Middle School teacher Kathy Morris who confessed that she shot herself to highlight the lack of security at the school.

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