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Letters to the Editor

Arizona Daily Wildcat,
April 13, 2000
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Greek system should be honored

To the editor,

Kudos to the Greek system! We praise fraternities and sororities for creating the brother and sisterhood so lacking in our country, which seems to be losing touch with the wholesome values that have made America synonymous with economic domination: hierarchy, elitism, nepotism, barely sublimated violence, essentialized gender roles and the sensualization of leisure. Thankfully this system is strong on our campus; the broken glass and vomit in our neighborhood's streets after last Saturday's Bacchanalia provided poignant testimony to the Greek system's continued dedication to wanton destruction in the name of having a good time. Sure, there are some naysayers in our midst who spread fantastic and tendentious reports of date "rape," hazing "violence" and alcohol "abuse," but we all know what sort of people these are: pimply-faced and sexually impotent malcontents, ill-dressed and disheveled wallflowers whose pasty complexions and cellulite relegate them to the library or to their own fetid and poorly decorated dorm rooms every weekend. You've probably seen Manny, the effeminate communist sympathizer, skulking his way to his cadre meeting to fashion some misguided, pie-in-the-sky plan for social equality. And certainly you've seen Ling, the subversive immigrant, riding her Schwinn to the computer lab to finish her engineering grid, or make some kind of crazy graph thing. They might have good grades, they might even be liked by their soft-headed liberal instructors, but they of course will fail in our great country. Thank God that networking still means something here, and that the technocrats haven't burdened our pioneering business leaders with any effective fair hiring strictures. Fraternities and sororities, with their complex and fundamentally discriminatory initiation rituals, perform a wonderful service for our corporations, certifying in advance those with acceptable backgrounds who are most likely to toe the line and strive the hardest to conform, and weeding out those who like to make trouble for their betters.

It is the college student who runs the greatest risk of falling through the cracks in our system, and joining ranks with a ramshackle band of radicals who will fill her head with crackpot notions about changing social institutions instead of supporting them. That is where sororities and fraternities intervene, and perhaps rescue our future. By focusing the right students on the truly important things (making friends, having a good time, shopping, driving an expensive car, wearing pretty clothes, dieting and not sweating the small stuff), the Greek system guarantees that our future foremen and bureaucrats, our future housewives and fathers, will think just the way we want them to: they will be baffled and bemused by intellectuals, they will be suspicious of foreigners, and they will resent and stigmatize those who fail to acquire whichever commodity signifies success at any given moment.

Jesse Showalter

Classics senior

Morris story illustrative

To the editor,

In light of the new evidence that Kathy Morris inflicted her own gunshot wound, how about another article with the proper media bias spin to vindicate the "19-year-old suspect with a shaved head." I detect a stereotype here that does not need to be propagated. We see enough of that.

The Wildcat also needs to rethink the following comments:

"... not lose her passion to teach in the wake of this shooting." Just what is her "passion" and what was she really teaching in the classroom? Did this teacher's peer group pick up on any signals indicating that she was falling off the high wire? Did her students notice anything unusual in her behavior?

"Evidence indicates that the shooting was premeditated and that threats had been received by Morris for two weeks prior to the act." Let's wipe the egg off our faces ... did we (Wildcat) do any real field work of our own in gathering details for this article, or just paraphrase the other news wire services? Any original thinking here?

"This was an act of aggression borne out of years of misguidance." True, but this is a great example of an isolated instance of justice befitting the crime being served immediately upon the perpetrator. Too bad our court systems don't work as quickly!

"Anymore, it seems that colleges of education on U.S. campuses should be redesigned to include firing ranges and in-depth courses on self defense."

Bingo! An armed society is a polite society. When the criminal element is not sure who is "carrying" and that a lethal blow may be immediately dealt to them, only then will we see a turn in the tide. Our society is fed up and is educating themselves to fight back. Where not a better place to teach these highly refined skills than at an institution of higher learning?

The knee jerk, "feel good legislation" (read anti-gun agenda) that runs rampant across this nation each time such an incident occurs is the single, true indicator of the mentally challenged masses of sheep found milling about smartly in our herded society. They have not had to face the wolf and survive.

We definitely are in grave need of a new sheepherder that is a true Leader for our country, one who does not chase interns and get BJ's in the Oral Office, can direct a military operation in Bosnia, does not piss away our coffers on foreign aide, can tell the United Nations to "stuff it," can deal swiftly and severely with illegal aliens, does not tax and spend, and is an example for the newly spawned lambs to aspire to ... (And we wonder why our youth has a hard time selecting the proper role models?)

Robert A. Gatterer

CCIT customer service

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