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Fall Wildcat editor 'ready for battle'

By Jay Dirner
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
April 14, 2000
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Brett Erickson hopes to cover every newsworthy event at the University of Arizona next year as if preparing for a journalistic turf battle.

"The Wildcat has the talent and the resources to really nail this university," said Erickson, a journalism senior. "This is our territory and there's no reason that other city papers should be coming in here and getting news scoops."

On Friday, the Arizona Student Media Board selected Erickson as the Daily Wildcat's fall 2000 editor in chief. Erickson was the assistant news editor last fall and sports editor this semester.

The board also selected Eric Swedlund - the current news editor - as editor in chief of the Summer Wildcat.

Erickson said working on both news and sports has prepared him for the responsibility.

"Being on the news desk and the sports desk has given me a better understanding of how the different desks operate," he said.

Mark Woodhams, director of Arizona Student Media, said he was confident in Erickson's leadership.

"I think the Wildcat will be fine next year, and Brett will be a good leader for the news desk," Woodhams said.

Erickson began his career at the UA as a business major, but after four semesters found that he "had no passion for my classes."

Erickson took Journalism 208 - Law of the Press - for a business college requirement and rediscovered an interest in newspapers.

"I was the editor of my high school paper but thought I'd give it up in college," Erickson said. "Then, that class really got me re-focused on journalism."

Now, after working at the Wildcat for three semesters and a summer, Erickson said that he "puts a lot of heart into journalism." He said that next year will be a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience.

"I think my personality will allow me to do a good job as editor," Erickson said. "Producing a daily paper is such a team chore, and I cherish the chance to oversee that."

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