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ASUA approves academic integrity amendment

By Audrey DeAnda
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
April 20, 2000
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Change would allow resubmission of work for multiple

The ASUA Senate voted unanimously last night to approve changes to the academic code of integrity that would allow resubmitting of work for multiple classes.

This came after reaching a compromise with the University of Arizona Student Affairs Policy Committee following a four-month ordeal.

The Senate voted 9-0, with Sen. Saad Nasim absent from the meeting.

The changes state that a student can resubmit an item of academic work as long as the student includes proper citation or permission from the professor.

Students may not resubmit work if the class syllabus states that it is not allowed, said Sen. Shane Brogan.

Brogan and Sen. Ryan Roa worked with Steve Smith, chairman of the committee, on the changes.

Roa said he and Brogan were involved with the changes because they were against the amendment when Smith first approached the Senate.

"I was in favor of killing this earlier this year," Brogan said. "I thought there was a bigger problem that the teachers were assigning work twice."

Smith first approached the Senate in January with an amendment that would restrict students from using previous work from other classes without approval from the professors.

After the ASUA Senate rejected the January changes by a 6-4 vote, faculty senators decided to postpone approval until the proposal was revised.

Brogan said he thinks the new amendment is a good trade-off.

"I think it's a fair compromise," Brogan said. "I'm really for this language, for it allows you to cite yourself."

Roa said the wording was stated as "an item of academic work" so it includes more than just papers.

"Obviously, you can't cite yourself if you're doing a dance recital or painting that resembles something you've done recently," Roa said.

Roa said the wording for the amendment was taken from the University of Georgia's academic code.

Sen. Tiffany Podbielski said she was happy with the changes.

"This is a really nice progression," Podbielski said. "I'd like to thank Steve Smith and the Faculty Senate for being so patient with us and coming to a compromise."

Audrey DeAnda can be reached at Audrey.Deanda@wildcat.arizona.edu.

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