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Letters to the Editor

Arizona Daily Wildcat,
April 26, 2000
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Activists do understand

To the editor,

I'm writing in response to the article about the new primate lab as well as the letters to the editor in today's Wildcat.

I was upset to read that activists are considered as not capable of understanding the facts behind animal reaserch. Fraser Wilson stated in the original article "It is a plan to confuse and harass and make an issue of something that is difficult to understand. People have no idea what kind of reaserch is going on." I resent these statements, being an intelligent university student, I feel upset at the attempts to sterotype activists as unintelligent. I'm an activist, and I understand what this primate lab is attempting to do and I'm still opposed to it. This experiment has already been done on lab rats, is there any need to replicate the results in primates? John Ryan stated in his letter that if people were seizure patients they would be for the primate experiment. I lost a very close friend of mine due to a seizure, yet I completely oppose such cruelty and I think my friend would too. It is insulting and degrading to activists and students when people say that they don't understand the reaserch that will be going on. I think the original article made it clear what reasearch will be conducted, and I still think it is inhumane and unnecessary.

Cameron Bailey-Lewis

Women's studies senior

Gonzalez "kidnapping" upsetting

To the editor,

I am very upset with the move that the Justice Department took with kidnapping Elian Gonzales from the home of his Great-Uncle Lazaro Gonzales to reunite him with his father Juan Miguel Gonzales who will take Elian back to Cuba. Elian Gonzales will not have a future if he goes back to Cuba. The Cuban government will indoctrinate him and will evntually teach him that his mother, step-father and others that persihed on the raft were "traitors to the revolution". Elian's future would be best served if his Miami relatives are given custody and Elian is granted asylum. I hope that the United States Congress will consider Elian's future by reversing the decision of the Justice Department and by having Lazaro Gonzales be the legal guardian of Elian Gonzales.

Gregory Schneider

Political Science and History Senior

Columnist misreads Bush

To the editor,

Whilst reading Sheila Bapat's article "Acting like a leader", I pondered the reason for such an article. Other than the obvious condemnation of Gov. George W. Bush, and perhaps to further illustrate a lack of knowledge concerning current political situations. I was in short, bewildered.

Firstly, Miss Bapat mentions that Bush changed his image to become more conservative, in fear of losing conservative votes to Sen. John McCain. This statement lacks credibility when poll numbers showed that Gov. Bush actually moderated himself. This was done because Bush had already cemented conservative approval, it was the independent voters that he was aiming for. Consistently throughout the primaries, Sen. McCain had the majority approval of independent voters. Thus, to become more conservative would in affect undermine his strategy to garnish independent voters.

Secondly, Miss Bapat rambles on six issues that Gov. Bush would not support or would hinder; for brevity I will just address them. The issue that Gov. Bush would do nothing for public education makes me wonder what planet she's on! To do otherwise is political suicide. Continuing to support the death penalty has little or no consequence for being president. Whilst in office, president's do not touch the abortion issue too often. Even so, the number of pro lifers and pro choicers equal more or less the same. Supporting the rights of gays to marry is not an agenda for either party. Believing that Gov. Bush would do nothing to regulate guns is again, political suicide. And finally, appointing three Supreme Court justices, who "will pose a threat to Roe v. Wade". There's no evidence to suggest that this will happen.

I'm always amazed why newspaper writers try to analyse political situations without thinking them through. Not to pay attention to guns, or education, yeah right he wants to be employed, not unemployed! It is just common sense. Finally, Miss Bapat writes, "All politics is a stage, and Bush is yet another bad actor." All I can say is writing is an art, and Miss Bapat is a bad artist.

Eric A. Hochstatter

Political Science & history Junior

Cooling excessive

To the editor,

On April 13th, another beautiful Tucson day, I was on my way to class when I realized in horror - I'd forgotten to bring a jacket. I knew I wouldn't be able to get through either of my classes: I'd have to choose between freezing, letting the students out early, or assigning an in-class assignment so that I could go outside and warm up.

Why does the UA waste so much money by using excessive air conditioning? Why must I remember to come to school prepared for a different climate on days when the natural climate is pleasant?

Diane R. Ransdell

English department senior lecturer

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