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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
May 1, 2000
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A UA employee called university police Wednesday after he found a baggie containing a suspicious substance at a UA residence hall, police reports stated.

The employee said he found the baggie containing a white, rock-like substance in a fan coil in a room at Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall, 1010 N. Park Ave., at about 4 p.m., reports stated.

The employee called police, and police took the substance as evidence.

Officers spoke with a UA student Thursday after a man blocked her car in and harassed her in a UA parking lot, reports stated.

The woman said she drove her car into a lot at North Highland Avenue and East Second Street at about 9:20 a.m. and saw a man in an SUV stopped in the lot.

She said, she then parked her car in a recently available spot and the man parked his car behind hers.

The woman said she noticed the man's car was touching hers, and then the man began to scream obscenities at her and spit on her car, reports stated.

She left the parking lot on foot and called UAPD.

She didn't have a license plate number from the SUV.

A UA student called UAPD after her bicycle was stolen, reports stated.

The woman said she was with a friend in her friend's Hyundai Excel and her bike was strapped to a rack on the back of the car.

She said they parked at 1439 E. Highland Ave. at about 12:58 p.m. and they left the car.

When they returned to the car, the woman's bike was missing.

She said she strapped the bike to the rack, but didn't have a lock on it.

The Schwinn bicycle is valued at an estimated $310.

Police spoke via telephone with a UA student Wednesday after the student's wallet was stolen from her backpack while she was in a UA building, reports stated.

The woman said she was in the Chemistry building, 1306 E. University Blvd., at about 5 p.m. and wasn't paying close attention to her backpack.

She noticed at about 5:20 p.m. that someone had taken her wallet from her bag.

Along with the wallet, the woman's three bank cards, Pier One gift certificate for $25, $10 in cash, Arizona driver license, CatCard, social security card and Blockbuster video card were stolen.

The woman didn't see anyone suspicious in the building while she was there.

A UA student called UAPD Wednesday after she received threatening phone calls from an unknown person, reports stated.

The woman said she received the call at her room in Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall, 610 N. Highland Ave., at about 10:30 p.m.

She said the voice was possibly male and said "Hey little girl, do you remember me?" when she answered the telephone, reports stated.

The woman told police she had received a call from the same voice in November of 1999.

She tried to press "star-5-7" to trace the call, but it wasn't successful.

Police advised her to call UAPD again if the man calls back.

A UA student talked to UAPD officers Wednesday after someone broke into his vehicle and stole items, reports stated.

The man said he parked his 1989 Honda Prelude at 906 N. First Ave. at about 10 p.m. Tuesday night.

When he returned to his car at about 1:15 a.m. Wednesday, he noticed the passenger door window was shattered, and his car stereo was missing.

The compact disc/AM/FM stereo is valued at an estimated $150.

There were no fingerprints found on the car and no further evidence at the scene.

A UA student called police Wednesday after someone stole the front brake off his bicycle, reports stated.

The man said he parked his bike on the east side of the Biological Sciences-West building, 1041 E. Lowell St., at about noon and when he returned at about 8 p.m., he noticed his front brake valued at an estimated $45 was stolen.

There was no further evidence found at the scene.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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