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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
May 3, 2000
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University police arrested a man yesterday after an officer found him sleeping in a UA building, police reports stated.

The officer was performing a building check of the Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., at about 2:47 p.m. when he encountered Michael McKelvey, 52, of the 1900 block of East Helen Street, sleeping in a chair on the fifth floor.

The officer observed McKelvey sleeping for more than four minutes, then woke him and asked for his identification.

McKelvey produced an Arizona state identification card and the officer ran his information past dispatch to check for prior arrests, warrants or warnings.

The officer found that McKelvey had a prior warning for criminal trespass on the UA campus from Sept. 25, 1999 and three arrests for criminal trespass on May 10, 1999, May 25, 1999 and Sept. 24, 1999.

The officer asked him if he was a student or staff with the University of Arizona and McKelvey said he wasn't, reports stated.

Because of the prior warning and arrests, the officer cited McKelvey with second-degree criminal trespass and released him at the scene with a warning against coming back to the library.

A UA student called UAPD Tuesday after an unknown woman threatened him on the west side of the UA campus, reports stated.

The man said he was walking towards the center of campus at about 8 a.m. near East University Boulevard and North Tyndall Avenue when he saw the woman.

The woman told him "someday I am going to kill you," reports stated.

The man told police she was dressed like a gypsy and that he had seen her near that intersection before.

A friend told him that she thinks he is stalking her and that is why she made the threat, reports stated.

He said he would press charges for threats and intimidation if police find her.

Police spoke with a UA student yesterday after he was threatened by another UA student over the past month, reports stated.

The student said the first threatening incident occurred March 23 at McClelland Hall, 1130 E. Helen St., when the man entered the building at about 9:30 p.m. and intimidated him, reports stated.

The student said the other student was extremely intoxicated and was carrying a bottle of alcohol, reports stated.

He approached the student at his cubicle, called him an "asshole" and started punching and kicking the cubicle, reports stated.

The student noticed the man had his other hand behind his back and had bragged about owning a 9 mm pistol, reports stated.

The student didn't see a gun, but felt threatened nonetheless and is considering obtaining an order of protection from the man.

He also said the man has bumped him when he walked by him and that felt like a threat as well.

He said he would like to press charges for threats and intimidation, disorderly conduct and drinking in public.

UAPD detectives are investigating the incident pending contact with man who threatened the student.

A UAPD officer spoke with a UA student yesterdayday after she said someone stole money from her room at a UA residence hall, reports stated.

The woman said she last saw the cash in a jewelry box on her dresser in her room at Corleone Apartments Residence Hall, 1330 N. Park Ave., at about 3 p.m. April 25 and she noticed it missing at about 5 p.m. Friday.

She said the missing $700 was leftover money from a scholarship that she didn't want to put in the bank.

The woman told police she suspects her roommate of stealing the money because she had confided in the student earlier in the school year that she stole items from another of their roommates, reports stated. She confronted her roommate, but she denied stealing the money, reports stated.

Police are currently trying to contact the roommate to investigate.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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