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'Gift Campaign' to aim at improving UA

By Ryan Gabrielson
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 13, 1999

The UA Faculty Senate will discuss the future of the newly-renamed "Gift Campaign," which handles distribution of donation funds at their first meeting of the year today.

This campaign, formerly known as the "Capital Campaign," was suggested by University of Arizona President Peter Likins and has been designed to supply private funds for projects suggested by the Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee.

"As private universities have long understood, you can't have a school flourish off of tuition and what the government supplies. You must have private funds," Likins said.

During the summer, the committee broke down into several smaller groups to determine what should be the areas of priority.

The subcommittees proposed that the general aims of the campaign be, learning through discovery, quality living, creating a more student-centered campus, keeping and creating global partnerships and fueling the economy.

All proposals will be placed under one of these categories and then presented to the Faculty Senate.

"We've never had a campaign of this size," Faculty Chairman Jerry Hogle said. "The faculty can now make specific suggestions, and money can be raised just for that project."

The president said the project will bring separate university programs together to raise funding.

"Every college will benefit from this university-wide campaign. Therefore, it has united everyone behind it," Likins said

The funds for the campaign will be raised by the UA Foundation. The foundation is an independent corporation located in the "Swede" Johnson Building, whose primary function is to aid the university colleges in raising money for their specific projects. This money comes from many sources ranging from alumni to major corporations.

"The donors will have the most to say about which proposals actually get funded and to what extent," Hogle stated in his report to the Faculty Senate.

At this afternoon's meeting, the first proposals will be made and some will be chosen based on committee recommendations.

"This does not mean ... that some proposals may be summarily rejected. Virtually all of them, once revised, will become part of a 'master menu,'" Hogle said.

The effects that this project will have on the look and quality of the UA should be made clear by the time Likins officially announces the commencement of the campaign in the fall of 2000.

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