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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Wednesday June 21, 2000 Web Posted- 04:30:44

Image of originality

Images of the human experience have been captured as photographs for 150 years. Many of the best of those images have been housed in the UA's Center for Creative Photography archives for 25 years. "It's a gift from a goddess - definitely way out there as a repository of great work and it is only getting bigger and better," said Dan Budnik, a Tucson photographer featured at the CCP. Founded in 1975 by Ansel Adams and John P. Shaefer, then-University of Arizona president, the CCP was created to not only preserve the archived images and materials of photographers, but to also serve the community as an educational resource.    [More]
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Gottfredson says UA has attained balance upon departure
[news] As he prepares to leave the UA, Michael Gottfredson said he thinks that the university has reached a balance with just a few kinks remaining to be worked out, mainly a lack of funding from the state Legislature. "(The University of Arizona's) going to be a terrific place," Gottfredson said. "I have great affection for the University of Arizona."    [More]

The future
[news] Former UA point guard Jason Terry knows a thing or two about being a good point guard. So when the former first-team All-American and current Atlanta Hawks point guard was impressed with the play of prized recruit Carlos Hurt after a pick-up game at the McKale Center, Arizona knew it could possibly have another star in the making. "Oh, good player, you know, he's got some quickness and dribbles the ball real well, has outstanding range on his jump shot, too," Terry said.    [More]

Just giving lip service to equality
[news] Last week, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released a study which concluded that the New York Police Department improperly uses racial profiling in its cases. Though this might be news to the commission, it is certainly not news to the millions of racial and ethnic minorities living in this country. But now that the committee has come to this obvious conclusion, how is race targeting by the police going to change? Sadly, without a major attitude overhaul by the nation, there seems to be no end to it in sight.    [More]

One cool cat
[news] Few roles in the past decade have called for a black actor to play anyone more authoritative than Meteor Man. Powerful performances were inspired by historical figures like Malcolm X and Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter, but rare is the lead role for an African American sex symbol. However, with the resurrection of the racially motivated "Shaft," Samuel L. Jackson reestablishes the name of the 1970s debonair detective and proves in a big way that black is back.    [More]

"The government's 'benign neutrality' toward religion in this country is now nothing short of malevolent hostility."

-Jan LaRue of the conservative Family Research Council on the Supreme Court's ruling barring officials from letting students lead stadium crowds in prayer before high school football games

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