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God bless strippers

By Zack Armstrong
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
June 28, 2000
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I have a friend who is getting married soon. While at my young age this is an event that baffles and amazes me, I was hoping the bachelor party would simply amaze and hold the bafflement at bay. My hopes were mostly fulfilled. I only ended up with a partial sense of bafflement and a fair amount of amazement.

We started our evening (or rather our afternoon, seeing as how it was 3) at the Kon Tiki. The Kon Tiki alone is enough to satisfy a drinker at any level, with a number of drinks containing umbrellas and others consisting of colors that only exist when surrounded by the Tiki gods.

But it wasn't until after we left that tropical paradise that the good old-fashioned bafflement would come in to play. We were on our way to the "tittie" bar - the place where boobs come out to play, and there's even some women who expose their chests, too.

We were seated upstairs where most people pay a cover to sit, but only because there was no place to sit downstairs. We were basically the only ones up there, which was cozy, but we couldn't see any of the floor shows. If it wasn't for the cheap beer during the hour of happy, we probably would have left.

Finally some of the girls saw that we were up there, and they came up one at a time to do a lap dance for the soon-to-be hitched. The lucky bastard got four before the night was over.

I realize we still haven't hit the bafflement yet, so here goes - more enjoyable than the dancing were the dancers themselves. After they realized that the only guy who was going to get a dance had already been danced for, they just sat down and talked with us.

They were great. I hate to admit it, but I was under the impression that they were all going to be somewhat less than intelligent and only out to get our singles. I have never been more happy to be wrong. They were smart and charming, and they were more human than a lot of the girls I've met around campus.

I learned that they did what they did because it was fast, good money. Dancing allowed one of them to support her children and still have time to spend with them, and another to pay her way through school and have time to study.

I tried to explain this concept to some lady friends of mine only to be baffled again. A few flat out didn't believe me. One of them kept calling the dancers hookers and said they were just degrading themselves.

I think a lot of women are simply threatened by strippers. These are women who are comfortable with their bodies and care more about their families and their educations than they do about what people think. That's pretty damn respectable if you ask me.

There are bound to be exceptions to this. I'm sure there's a stripper or two out there dancing to support one habit or another, but that is true for any profession. To lump them all together and say they're degrading themselves is wrong. So support your local strip club, and if you mention my name... half-priced lap dance!

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