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By Blake Smith
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
June 28, 2000
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University police responded to a UA parking lot Friday after the pay booth attendant reported that somebody drove through the wooden arm gate, police reports stated.

At about 5:30 p.m., a vehicle drove around the arm gate at lot 2030, 1224 N. Martin Ave., to park without getting a validation ticket.

After parking his vehicle, the driver stayed in the car and did not come back to the booth to get a ticket.

When the attendant approached the car 10 minutes later, the man proceeded to drive his car at a high rate of speed toward the booth.

The driver broke the wooden arm gate and came within five feet of hitting the attendant, reports stated.

The vehicle's license plate number was checked, and police discovered that it was a Hertz Corporation rental car.

When UAPD called Hertz, the manager told police that the vehicle was checked-out to a Pittsburgh, Penn. woman and there were no male drivers listed on the rental agreement.

The attendant told police that the driver was not required to pay a fee for entering the parking lot because he was in there for less than 15 minutes, reports stated.

Police are following investigative leads.

University police responded to the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences building, 1118 E. Fourth St., Monday after a UA employee electrically shocked herself, reports stated.

The woman apparently received a shock to her left hand while operating an accelerator.

When police arrived, she was talking on a cell phone and appeared shaken.

The employee told police that she touched the machine and sustained the shock.

Tucson Fire Department medics evaluated the woman, who was then taken to University Medical Center by a fellow employee.

Another employee said the machine was in working order and added that the woman probably did not follow proper safety procedures, reports stated.

According to reports, the accelerator has several safety features, including a wooden and plastic cage with the word "danger" on it to prevent contact.

The other employee told police that the cage had been moved a little to the left, and that there is no reason to touch the accelerator to operate it.

Police asked Risk Management to look into the incident.

A UAPD officer on bicycle patrol Monday morning arrested a Tucson man for criminal littering and criminal trespassing after spotting the man possibly urinating on a UA trash bin, reports stated.

John Thomas, 46, of the 1500 block of East Sixth Street, was seen standing still and looking down at the dumpster when the arresting officer noticed the man.

As the officer approached, Thomas appeared startled and came out of the dumpster area very quickly, reports stated.

The officer then told Thomas to sit down and investigated what he was doing behind the wall.

According to reports, the officer observed a "puddle with white foam."

Thomas told police that he was walking behind the dumpster to pour out water from his cup.

When the officer examined the cup, it appeared to be clean and dry, reports stated.

Police photographed the dumpster area and fluid on the ground for evidence purposes.

Thomas was cited on charges of criminal littering and criminal trespassing and released.

UAPD officers arrested two Tucson men Friday morning after the car they were driving passed the patrol car at a high rate of speed, reports stated.

The officers were traveling eastbound on Interstate 10 when the suspects passed them traveling faster 80 mph, reports stated.

After the vehicle was stopped, officers approached the car and discovered a semi-automatic handgun in plain sight.

Adam R. Carrisoza, 21, of the 200 block of West Valencia Road, and Marco A. Lopez, 24, of the 6000 block of South Fontana Avenue, were then ordered out of the car at gun point.

Carrisoza, who initially told officers that there were no weapons in the vehicle, said he was too drunk to remember the gun, reports stated.

Lopez was arrested for driving under the influence, while Carrisoza was arrested for carrying a concealed deadly weapon and two criminal warrants.

Both were transported to Pima County Jail where, prior to booking, officers discovered marijuana in Carrisoza's jeans.

An additional charge of unlawful possession of marijuana was added to the charges against Carrisoza.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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