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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Wednesday June 28, 2000 Web Posted- 07:28:50

Digital options

Their first goal was a modest one - pooling the three Arizona public universities' collection of online courses on one central Web site - but it could mark the beginning of a virtual educational institution. It seems like a rather simple Web site with few options and unimpressive graphics. A search engine, course listing and registration information make up www.azdistancelearning.org, which will be presented to the Arizona Board of Regents at their meeting at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff on Friday. While right now it is small, in a few years it could be a fully accredited university called the Arizona Regents University. "We really envisioned it as a series of stages," said Arizona State University President Lattie Coor.    [More]
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Speaker's bill rejected, Hull's plan awaits final vote
[news] After a series of intense debates lasting well into the night, the House Monday rejected Speaker Jeff Groscost's education finance bill, which brings Gov. Jane Hull's Arizona 2000 plan to its third reading and final vote today. "I think that the House of Representatives should be a battlefield of ideas," said Rep. Mike Gardner, R-Tempe. "The governor had an idea and the speaker had an idea, but his idea was not sellable, it did not reform the educational system."    [More]

The replacement killers
[news] By late June, most collegiate football teams have named their starters and entered summer camp prepared to begin the season with a solidified starting lineup. However, the 2000 Arizona football team is not your average squad. Hesitant to replace departed running back Trung Canidate, the Wildcats will rotate between three tailbacks into summer practice and possibly into the early stages of the season.    [More]

Human Genome Project must be approached carefully by scientists
[news] Earlier this week world leaders and scientists claimed victory in the deciphering of the human genome. In a press conference Monday morning on CNN, President Bill Clinton joined British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the director of the National Human Geno me Research Institute, Dr. Francis Collins, to address the world. They flooded the airwaves with adjectives of achievement and promises of future accomplishments that cleverly sidestepped the shortcomings hidden under grandiose claims of success.    [More]

Bad from all angles
[news] When the Farrelly brothers emerged in 1994 with "Dumb and Dumber," it seemed that a terrific new comedy team had broken into Hollywood. This was a movie that used potty humor and mucus and other bodily functions - but it didn't exactly sink to the level that those sort of jokes usually called for. Even though the movie was about two extremely stupid, child-like men, the film looked at the m in a relatively adult way. The plot was silly, but the characters developed into real humans with real emotions and that endeared them to the audience.    [More]

"What we've shown is the concept of race has no scientific basis."

-J. Craig Venter, American scientist entrepreneur, on the two teams of scientists who completed a rough draft of the human genetic code

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