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Police Beat

By Blake Smith
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
July 6, 2000
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A UAPD officer was flagged down Sunday afternoon by a man who said he had just witnessed an man masturbating near East University Boulevard and North Second Avenue, police reports stated.

The man who reported the indecent exposure said the suspect drove off in a sport utility vehicle in the direction of University and North Park Avenue.

The officer spotted a vehicle matching the description a short time later at a Circle K , 977 E. Speedway Blvd., and initiated a traffic stop.

Roberto A. Reyes, 30, of Phoenix, was read his Miranda rights and asked about the indecent exposure allegation.

Reyes said he was only riding around, reports stated.

A background check revealed that Reyes had a suspended license, and he could not provide officers with proof of insurance or registration.

Reyes was arrested for driving on a suspended license and failure to provide evidentiary identification. He was also cited for not wearing a seat belt and not possessing registration or mandatory insurance and was released.

University police received a call Sunday regarding a rowdy man with a dog refusing to leave private property, reports stated.

When officers arrived at Texaco Star Mart, 501 N. Park Ave., they saw a man matching the description of the suspect walking across East Sixth Street.

They also witnessed the man in a confrontation with a driver wanting to pull into the Star Mart parking lot, briefly blocking the driver's access, reports stated.

While one officer went to intercept the suspect, the other officer interviewed the clerk who had called police.

The clerk stated that he observed Vincent Duke, 19, of the 1000 block of North Alamo Avenue, drop the leash around his dog and told the animal to "go get them," with reference to two female customers entering the Star Mart, reports stated.

The clerk moved to block Duke and his dog and told him the unleashed dog could not remain on the property.

Duke replied with an obscenity, reports stated.

When the clerk called UAPD, Duke continued to verbally accost other patrons, causing one man to leave in his car.

The clerk wanted to press charges for Duke's failure to comply with his requests to leave the property in a timely manner.

Duke was arrested for third-degree trespassing and was warned about leash laws for his dog.

He was cited and released at the scene.

A UAPD officer on patrol Sunday observed a man sitting at a bus stop near a Circle K, 977 E. Speedway Blvd., with a beer can in his possession, reports stated.

The suspect, who was thought to be drinking in public, had apparently been warned not to do so by another officer just moments before.

The arresting officer noticed a Budweiser can sitting next to Patricio Sasiam, 39, of the 3600 block of East March Street, and asked if it was his.

Sasiam responded that it wasn't.

Another officer then arrived and stated that the Circle K clerk said Sasiam had just bought a second beer.

Police then read the man his Miranda rights, and he stated again that he had not purchased the beer at the Circle K.

When he was told what the clerk said, he responded, "I just got it, but I didn't drink much of it," reports stated.

Sasiam was arrested for drinking in public and giving false information to law enforcement.

He was cited and released after promising to appear in court.

University police participating in the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force pulled over a vehicle for speeding.

As officers approached the vehicle they smelled a strong odor of burning marijuana, reports stated.

All five of the car's occupants were ordered out of the car and the vehicle was searched.

Officers found a silver metal pipe under the driver's seat and a bag of suspected marijuana in the pocket behind the passenger's seat, reports stated.

The passengers in the car all admitted to smoking a "joint" in the vehicle.

The car's driver said he was not smoking, but was "probably high from the fumes." The driver did admit to owning the metal pipe, reports stated.

The five occupants were charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. The driver of the vehicle was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Four of the men were released to their parents via paper referral, while the fifth man was taken home by Tucson Police after consentually participating in police training exercises.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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