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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Wednesday July 12, 2000 Web Posted- 09:35:34

The New Provost

It is a time of cautious prosperity for the UA and perhaps the perfect time for George Davis to take over as Provost and vice president for undergraduate education. Awaiting the decision of Arizona voters in November, more money may be coming and the University of Arizona's gift campaign is starting to roll - already bringing in $75 million a year. With increased funding from the state as the light at the end of a not too long tunnel, growth may be a realistic endeavor. So now it's Davis' time to focus on class size, availability, faculty salaries, the cannibalization of departments, freshman retention, this thing called learner centered education and how to organize his office on the fifth floor of the Administration building, recently vacated by Paul Sypherd.    [More]
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Search for UAPD chief narrowed to 2
[news] After receiving 210 applications for the job of the University of Arizona Police Department chief, the search committee has narrowed the applicant pool down to two candidates. The committee is eager to have a new chief on station prior to the commencement of the fall semester, and the announcement of the new chief is scheduled for early next week.    [More]

Conference of champions
[news] The Pacific 10 Conference claims to be "The Conference of Champions." Never again may its slogan ring as true as it did this year, as the conference received the highest ranking of any conference in the Sears Directors' Cup standings. Paving the way for the Pac-10's No. 1 ranking were Stanford, UCLA and Arizona - all finished in the top-10 of the 2000 Sears Directors' Cup voting.    [More]

Degrees earned entirely online would indicate poor quality education
[news] The Arizona Board of Regents would do well to consider the overall quality of education before pursuing a fully online, accredited university. Now, all that exists is one central Web site that combines all online courses from the three state universities. But within a few years, this could become the Arizona Regents University, with full accreditation.    [More]

Hacking up the music scene
[news] In 1993, still years away from graduating from the University of Texas, Mark Morris knew that he could find success without that lofty college degree. Now, seven years later, he and his fellow Dynamite Hack bandmates are beginning to realize the difference between a successful college graduate and a successful rock star.    [More]

"That's a request for a death warrant for each of these five companies. That amount will destroy each of these companies, not once, but 10 times over. It's more than financially destroyed. They're gone."

-Dan Webb, who represents Philip Morris Inc., the nation's No. 1 cigarette maker, on a possible $154 billion verdict in the class action suit against five tobacco companies

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