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By Blake Smith
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
July 19, 2000
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University police responded to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, 1801 E. First St., Monday afternoon after one of the members reported a possible burglary in progress, reports stated.

Officers responded to the fraternity and found a duffel bag and golf club outside the broken window of one the occupants, giving them reason to believe the suspect was still inside the house, reports stated.

Upon entering the house, officers discovered four unsecured doors - two on the main level and two in the basement.

As they moved into the basement area, police noticed George Flores, 42, of an unknown address, asleep on the floor, reports stated.

When officers noticed an eight-inch knife in the belt of Flores, they immediately drew their weapons.

According to reports, police then yelled: "Police! Don't move! Don't touch the knife or I will shoot you!"

Flores, who reportedly "smelled strongly of B.O. and stale liquor," slowly complied with the officers' commands and was handcuffed.

In addition to the eight-inch knife, police also found a utility knife, table knife and screwdriver in Flores' possession.

The suspect then asked officers where he was and told them he was not a devil worshipper.

Police discovered that the basement was set up with two podiums in the front and benches that resembled church pews in the middle.

Flores told police he carried the knives "for protection out there, you don't know who's gonna roll you," reports stated.

The fraternity member wanted to press charges for the incident, which was not his first run-in with Flores, reports stated.

On July 2, Flores showed up at a house party and was told to leave by the member and his father.

On July 5, the member found Flores and five others trespassing in the house and asked them to leave.

Flores was arrested for first-degree residential burglary while armed, theft over $1,000 and criminal damage less than $250.

He was taken to Pima County Jail and booked.

University police were called by a Tucson man last Wednesday who reported that his car had been struck by an object while he was driving, reports stated.

The man was traveling south on North Campbell Avenue when he moved over to the left turn lane in an attempt to get onto East Speedway Boulevard.

The victim said that while attempting the maneuver, he cut off another driver.

The driver then passed him on the right and threw an object at his passenger's side window, cracking it.

Officers spoke by telephone with the owner of the car who, without prompting, said he was driving at the time in question, reports stated.

David Valencia, 28, of the 2000 block of East River Road, said the victim did cut him off, but he did not throw anything at the man's car.

Valencia added that if officers did happen to find a box cutter, it was probably his. Valencia said he flipped the man off because he deserved it, reports stated.

According to reports, Valencia was "smug and very sarcastic."

The victim said he could not positively identify the driver of the car.

UAPD officers responded to the scene of a hit and run accident Monday in front of Coronado Residence Hall, 622 E. Fifth St., reports stated.

A witness told police that a van, possibly a University of Arizona van, backed out of a parking space on the south side of Fifth Street and hit a vehicle on the north side of the street.

According to reports, the driver exited the vehicle to check for damage and proceeded to depart from the scene, without leaving information on the car.

Officers asked the desk assistant at Coronado if there was anyone who fit the witness description of the suspect and had access to university vehicles.

The desk assistant said a Coronado resident fit the description. Police were unable to make contact with the victim at the time of the initial report.

The owner of the car that was struck declined to press charges for hit and run.

Officers requested that a detective follow up on the case.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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