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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Wednesday July 19, 2000 Web Posted- 05:41:26

No place to go

Whole blocks of apartments are vacant, a few remaining yard sales are being held and the last moving trucks are leaving. A group of about 30 residents of Christopher City gathered in the lounge, just south of main entrance looking on the pool to the east, to discuss their futures Thursday evening. Their current home at 3401 N. Columbus Blvd. will be closed at the end of August and will be torn down - possibly soon after. Toxic mold has been found in a block of 20 apartments, and the University of Arizona has determined that the complex is a health risk. Many of the remaining Christopher City residents remain angry because they said the mold problem is due to a lack of maintenance to the facility, and while the mold is dangerous to the health of anyone living in that apartment block, the rest of the complex is livable.    [More]
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UA becomes member of the WRC
[news] Though no action had to be taken until the first of August - if even then - UA President Peter Likins has made the university the newest member of the Worker Rights Consortium. "I'm glad that he decided to follow with what a lot of other universities are doing," said Lydia Lester, Students Against Sweatshops spokeswoman and linguistics junior. "Obviously, we're really excited."    [More]

Osburn remembered for enthusiasm, friendship
[news] Life turned tragic for the Arizona community Monday as junior Kelsey Osburn, an infielder for the baseball team, died in Rochester, N.Y. at 9:20 p.m. EST. Osburn, 20, had been in a coma since July 11, when a teammate's line drive hit him on the side of the head during pre-game warm-ups of a summer league game. "We've (the athletic department) been talking with the parents throughout the week," senior associate athletic director Rocky LaRose said. "We are all just heart broken, no one can even look at each other today without tearing up."    [More]

Editorial: University should cater to those they've cheated
[news] Anyone who knows anything about Christopher City knows it needs to be shut down. Officials at the University of Arizona have struggled with problems at the pit they call Christopher City for years. Tucson media organizations report the news on the housing community, but the news is that there is no news - just the university victimizing its own residents, just as it had the month before, and the month before that.    [More]

Looking to the past, stepping into the future
[news] Although Arizona State Museum officials and conservators are doing all they can to preserve their internationally acclaimed pottery collection, the artifacts within the museum walls are slowly perishing, and with them, hundreds of years of ancient Native American history. Understanding the importance for the collection, the White House on Friday granted $400,000 to the museum as part of the Save America's Treasures millennium initiative to help create a new vault housed at the University of Arizona.    [More]

"Listen, let's not fool ourselves, OK? If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, if it sounds like a duck, it's a Palestinian state."

-Avraham Burg, Israel's parliament speaker, on the Mideast peace talks, which he believes could end with a partial deal in which Israel recognized a Palestinian state

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