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Police Beat

By Blake Smith
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
July 26, 2000
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A UAPD officer on patrol Saturday evening noticed a man lying on the ground, apparently sleeping, in a parking lot at East Sixth Street and North Vine Avenue, police reports stated.

University police ran a warrant check on the man, Ernesto Espinoza, 62, of the 1900 block of East Allen Road, which revealed an outstanding UAPD warrant for failure to appear in court.

Espinoza was placed in handcuffs and searched.

Property that was taken into safekeeping included two small books of matches, a package of loose tobacco and rolling papers, and a bottle of hot sauce.

Espinoza was transported to Pima County Jail where he was placed into custody.

University police arrested a man Thursday on charges of theft of textbooks from the U of A Bookstore, reports stated.

Anthony Belcher, 25, of Vail, is accused of stealing $1,000 worth of architecture books and then selling them to Rother's Bookstore, 501 N. Park. Ave.

The books were discovered missing when an U of A Bookstore customer asked an employee for a specific book title. Inventory records showed that four copies should have been in stock, though none could be found.

A representative of the U of A Bookstore called Rother's Bookstore and found that Belcher had sold them four books of that title.

The employee went to Rother's to recover the books at a cost of $306, the amount Belcher was given.

The case remains active.

Two New Mexico teens were arrested Saturday morning after a residence assistant noticed the males drinking and damaging their dorm room, reports stated.

Officers responded to Cochise Residence Hall, 1107 E. South Campus Drive, where they were taken to the room where the teens were staying.

Police noticed graffiti on the walls and an empty pint bottle of alcohol in the room, reports stated.

Hand prints, smears and splatters of a liquid were found on the walls.

Both males admitted to drinking and were read their Miranda Rights.

The teens said they found the pint of Jack Daniel's in the Memorial Student Union and decided to take it to their rooms to drink it, reports stated.

Police used a black light to identify writing and marks on the walls of the room.

The teens said the graffiti on the walls, which included "murder" spelled backwards on two walls, was liquid Tide.

The teens, who were part of a visiting church group, were transferred to one of the organization's chaperones.

The parents of the teens assumed responsibility for legal affairs related to the incident.

University police were called to 1511 E. Sixth St. Friday after a woman reported that her friend's car had been broken into, reports stated.

The owner of the car, Matthew Feinup, 24, of Marina del Rey, Calif., showed up shortly after police arrived to find that his car had a broken driver's side vent window.

Feinup, who could not think of any possible suspects, discovered that his checkbook and two roles of film were missing, reports stated.

Officers also found a box of tissues in the car. Feinup said they were not his and he had never seen them before.

The box of tissues was submitted into evidence.

Police are still searching for suspects.

University police spoke with a UA student Friday reporting a prank phone call, reports stated.

The woman apparently answered her dorm room telephone and heard a low male voice. She thought it was her boyfriend, so she said "hey baby," reports stated.

The man called the student by her name and asked what she was wearing.

The caller then told the woman "my cock is so hard" and "I want to (have sex with) you," reports stated.

The student then became angry and hung up the phone.

About a month ago, the woman's roommate received a prank call. At that time, the students suspected that one of the front desk assistants at the dorm made the call because they had seen him laugh just before and after the phone call was made, reports stated.

The women added that they were not sure if the calls were related.

After the phone call, the woman's boyfriend called the front desk of the dorm and got the desk assistant's first name.

Police advised the woman to utilize the caller ID feature available on campus phones in the future and to call UAPD if the calls persisted.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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