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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Wednesday July 26, 2000 Web Posted- 02:24:23

A Whole New World

There are runners circling the UA Mall when the sun is just breaking over the gates concealing the hole where the future Integrated Learning Center is being built. The green grass on the half of the Mall that hasn't been torn into is the most that anyone will probably be able to find in Tucson and the temperature sits at a comfortable 75 degrees. The original building that spawned roots that stretch across the country, Old Main, stands among modern construction and still matches. In a month, there will be an infusion of life as the first fall semester of a new millennium packs lecture halls and sleeps in small pockets of shade while others tan outside their dorms. Men in three-piece suits are willing to give you a Bible and try to bend your ear for a minute, or an hour.    [More]
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UA grad student charged with attempted murder
[news] The woman attacked last Wednesday by her ex-boyfriend - a UA doctoral student - with a vegetable cleaver was released from the University Medical Center yesterday. Her attacker, Wei Zhao, 25, a University of Arizona physics doctoral student has been charged with first degree attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.    [More]

Disciple: the new tradition
[news] Look long and hard at the 2000 Arizona football team. Whether it's the new-look uniforms or a renewed dedication to team discipline following one of the most disappointing seasons in school history, it's obvious that the Wildcats are hardly the team that went 6-6 last season. Gone are both the antiquated uniforms of old and an unfortunate recent tradition of personal downfalls.    [More]

A Wildcat Welcome from the President
[news] I came to the University of Arizona as a freshman president just a few years ago, and I still remember my first impressions. Of course we have added to the sense of change in the atmosphere with these gigantic construction projects on the Mall, but even without these disturbances, there was excitement in the air. This is a university on the move, and as new students you will move to greater heights as your university continues its climb up the academic mountain. This is a great university today, and, when you look back on it from the perspective of an alumnus, it will be an even greater university.    [More]

Local music scene going away from live music
[news] The evolution of the Tucson music scene is in a slow transition from a live music base to a more deejay and hip-hop club scene - which some local musicians and promoters feel is a negative direction. "The new trend is more towards the deejay scene so a lot of people are doing that," said long-time Tucson promoter Steven Eye. "The band scene has been harder these days because people these days are more interested in listening to CDs and they don't go out to see live music as much."    [More]

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