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UA officials try to ease construction impact


Arizona Daily Wildcat

AARON FARNSWORTH Cheri Farber (from left) , a pre-med sophomore, Chessie Molano, an art history/sculpture senior, and Gonzalo Molano, a music junior, all take advantage of free bagels yesterday at the Demolition Party on the UA Mall. Students lined up for tasty bagels while learning about the upcoming new student union.

By Vanessa Francis
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 16, 1999

Free pizza, temporary tattoos, Bruegger's bagels and one "colorful" celebrity were the ingredients of yesterday's Demolition Party on the UA Mall.

"One (of the goals) was to show appreciation to the students, staff and faculty for putting up with the construction," said Libby Stone, University of Arizona neighborhood relations coordinator. "The other was to simply provide information on the projects. Rather than seeing a hole in the ground, the students could see a model and see what's going to be in there."

Several organizations such as Residence Life and the U of A Bookstore, had booths on the Mall.

Members of Gamma Phi Beta sorority were also there, passing out semi-permanent tattoos that featured the official construction logo - "A New U."

In attendance at the tattoo booth was The Scary Guy - a Tucson man whose body is more than 85 percent covered with tattoos. A popular motivational speaker, The Scary Guy's motto pledges "to eliminate hate, violence and prejudice" in humanity as well as the animal kingdom through the use of his body art.

"My motto is one life, one body, one tattoo," he said.

The University Activities Board passed out inflatable noisemakers and free passes to "American Beauty," a film that will be shown in Social Sciences 100, where the Gallagher Film Series now runs.

As a decorative backdrop, a 45-ton Grove Crane was placed in front of the Union.

Allen Wells, a representative from Swinterton & Walberg - the construction company hired to complete the union renovations - referred to the crane as a "good representative size of what we're using."

Education senior Jackie Wilson said she was happy with the free food that was provided for her.

"I'm just stoked I don't have to pay for lunch," she said.

Latasha Snyder, an undeclared sophomore, said the party was a nice change from the usual scenery on campus.

She added that the free food and entertainment provided a way to get "attention away from all that," as she motioned toward the east end of the Mall.

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