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Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 20, 1999

Your life is not complete unless you partake in a little kickball. Yes, the sport we all know and love is back in full effect and sign-ups begin today. Drop by the intramural sports office, upstairs in the Student Recreation Center, between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. and sign up your team today. The price is a cool $14, and sign-ups are going to last until Sept. 30. If you would like any additional information, give the intramural chief Brian Jacoby a call at 621-8723.

The Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society is hosting a discussion held by Curtis Schaafsma, covering new Casas Grandes World. The exhibit covers various parts of the ruins of Paquime, discovered in Chihuahua, Mexico. The discussion is taking place in the DuVal Auditorium in the University Medical Center from 7:30 p.m. and should last until 10 p.m. Contact Vick Evans at 298-5167 if you have any questions.

Improve your writing skills today at 5 p.m. thanks to the Writing Skills Improvement Program. Held every Monday, the workshops are designed to help different facets of your writing. Today's topic is "Choosing Rhetorical Strategies," just in time to help you complete your English comp paper this week. It will be in Modern Languages room 310, and the workshop will be held by Kendra Gaines. Give Donna Rabuck at 621-5849 a call if you need more information.

Want to learn how to stop injuries before they happen? The Arizona Health Sciences Center is beginning sessions today at 3 p.m. to help you live without pain. The sessions are designed to help you move without restriction, with more comfort, reduce your injuries and generally make you a more fit person. Lindsey Hunter Silverman instructs the whole program in Room 2823 of the Arizona Health Sciences Center. They are every week, and the cost is $3 for each session or you can pay $30 for the whole semester. The sessions should last around 45 minutes, so call Lindsey Hunter Silverman 617-0879 for further details.

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