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Activism unwarranted

By Joseph Fogarty
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 29, 1999

To the editor,

In Wednesday's Wildcat, there is an article about a bunch of students who are petitioning the government to give them more money. The effort is reportedly being led by a "student rights" group. One participant is quoted as saying that as he doesn't have time to work, someone needs to give him money.

I find this activity revolting. I wonder if these activists have even given thought to where their deserved money is to come from. It would be stolen from ordinary people. That's right, it would be taken at gun point by government agents in the form of taxes. There is a growing attitude in this country that the theft is okay as long as it is committed democratically. If the majority decides that they want my stuff, than it is right for them to come over and take it. What many such activists who partake in this barbaric practice may not realize is that such a system supports complete anarchy. If the government acts not as an impartial institute of justice and simply oppresses the unpopular, than no one has any vested interest in observing its right to govern. If the government assists some oppressed student in stealing my stuff, then I have no reason to willfully observe its authority. As more people are put in my position, the government will fall to pieces.

More and more, the government acts like the Mafia. It steals money and gives to those that threaten its power. I think that all taxes should be eliminated, except those necessary to protect people from direct physical oppression. I think that this future could be best achieved by a complete boycott of taxes. If this were to ever happen than all of you greedy activists would have to ask politely for people to give you money, instead of demanding that some senator steal it for you.

Also, anyone planning to write some silly retort filled with politically correct jargon, spouting crap like "I find Mr. Fogarty to be very distasteful, what gives Fogarty the right to oppress my right to his bank account?" don't bother, you'll only look like more of an idiot.

Oh yeah, and to all the idiots out there, don't even think about coming up with some lame pseudo-psychological profile of me to discredit my opinions, using your half-baked abilities at sarcasm.

Joseph Fogarty

Physics sophomore

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