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New logic to consider


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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Nick Zeckets

By Nick Zeckets
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 8, 1999

Two UA psychology department researchers, Gary Schwartz and Linda Russek, had their findings from a study on "life afterlife" aired on HBO Wednesday. Their evidence points to the plausibility of a maintained consciousness after death and the ability to converse with the dead. At first look, skeptics pass the findings off as mere chance, but the academic world has been realizing, to the chagrin of Nietzche, God is not dead.

Academics are realizing the benefits of "survival of consciousness research" and the importance of the work. As Schwartz himself pointed out, "This work is on a question so fundamentally important to people that we have to do it with respect and integrity." Clearly, finding the truth to the existence of the afterlife and of God, could change the world.

In Patrick Glynn's recent book, "God the Evidence: The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Post-secular World," the Harvard and Oxford-educated former agnostic forwards the unavoidable scientific evidence proving God's existence. He indicates that researchers in a number of fields are finding that the likelihood of the universe beginning without a divine hand involved is impossible.

Schwartz and Russek are taking strides down a path of proving that more exists beyond the life we live on earth. In the study, mediums were asked to answer questions inferred from a "sitter" on the other side of a wall. They were 86 percent accurate, a number that could occur only once in 10 million, according to statistics of guessing.

Granted, these "mediums" may have experience in guessing and be very keen to picking up on things that others cannot. However, the truth is that astounding evidence is surfacing and suggests the existence of there being "more."

Now humanity has to begin questioning what that "more" is. Is there a God, a spirit world walking among us, akin to "The Sixth Sense?" Or are scientists simply reaching for a reality that isn't true and proving it with convoluted data? No matter what the answer is, the truth, once known, will shake the world and change billions of lives forever.

Logic points to the existence of a God, and that fact does more to people than any "Blair Witch" experience. Evaluate your own beliefs. Do you envision yourself as no more than worm food upon death or do you have faith in a higher being? For those of you agnostics and atheists out there, know this: God is real, and the science you have used to support your beliefs is turning on you.

Schwartz and Russek are only the tip of the iceberg. As more of the world's elite acknowledge the merits of their field, others will follow. With time will come the truth, a truth that some have known by faith for years, but that the future proves as reality.

Think about where you are. Ponder what it is that you are living for. If it's for a higher being, the time will come for you to continue on your afterlife comfortably. Others who deny the pending truths will receive a hard check to their cores and face grave consequences.

Our UA pioneers have not at all promulgated the form of the afterlife or what may control it. The inevitable conclusion that is always returned to us, though, is that if the afterlife does exist, a "greater being" exists along with it.

How would that impact your life? Absolute proof, for the believers, would only intensify current practices. As for those denying the imminent truth, life will take a 180 degree turn; and believe me, the truth of a greater being is at hand.

For many, there will be a day of reckoning. Billions will open holy texts to find what they have been missing. They will worriedly search for the life they've denied since they began "thinking for themselves."

Let the findings of Schwartz and Russek be a lesson to those non-believers who have grounded their personal philosophies in science. The same rock you've clung to as proof for your atheism is about to set you free. Take the challenge that Schwartz and Russek have put in front of you. Question your beliefs now and seek out the truth with an open mind.

Thinking about a total life change like this is difficult and not a task to be taken lightly, but the future will be brighter if we can all test the most core parts of our beings. Resist spiritual apathy.

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