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McGrath is a 'stupid head'

By Chris Suffecool
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 12, 1999

To the editor,

In response to the recent wave of letters critiquing the editorial abilities of some UA students (see Jacob Lauser's letter from Oct. 6 and Danielle Kamps' letter from Oct. 7), I have decided to write an editorial letter critiquing Representative Jean McGrath. Both Mr. Lauser and Ms. Kamps had numerous complaints about certain editorials in the Wildcat concerning Representative McGrath. None of the editorials arguing against Rep. McGrath or her statements about the UA seemed to impress either Mr. Lauser or Ms. Kamps, who felt compelled to write in and show how poorly structured the arguments against Rep. McGrath were. So in order to silence Mr. Lauser and Ms. Kamps, I will now launch into my flawless, airtight critique of Rep. McGrath:

Representative Jean McGrath is a stupid-head.

Now wait. I can hear both Mr. Lauser and Ms. Kamps screaming at the top of their lungs that what I just wrote is nothing but hearsay and opinion and conjecture ... yada yada yada. So I will prove my statement about Rep. McGrath by citing two incontrovertible facts:

1. She's stupid.

2. The origin of her stupidity is her head (most noticeably her mouth).

So, there you have it. A well argued, extremely persuasive, concise editorial which proves that Rep. Jean McGrath isn't the sharpest tool in the state legislature (she's just the biggest one).

Chris Suffecool

MIS senior

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