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Water conservation vital in desert

By Lisa Spets
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 13, 1999

To the editor,

Living in the desert, we always hear on the news and in the newspapers about conserving water, which is very important. I even see some ways in which the UA contributes to lectures and events on water issues. My problem is that for the past several semesters that I have been attending the UA, in almost every bathroom of many departments, I always come across dripping faucets in the bathrooms.

These faucets not only drip, but drip rapidly and some you can tell have been dripping for a long time because the porcelain in the sink has eroded due to the constant dripping. And it's not in just one bathroom of a department, but in several of the bathrooms in a given department. Just to name a few departments: Psychology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Main Library, Harvill and the student union.

I find it extremely upsetting and contradictory how the UA presents lectures and literature on the water conservation crisis, but cannot keep up with their plumbing. I don't see how hard it would be for their maintenance employees to check on these from time to time. Over time, all plumbing is bound to leak and drip water due to wear and tear. So wouldn't it be obvious to have these things checked on a somewhat regular basis? I don't think these sinks are ever checked. I know many students, including myself, that find it important to conserve one of the desert's most precious resources.

Lisa Spets

Anthropology senior

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