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Tomey's decisions poor

By Jason Kissen
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 28, 1999
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To the editor,

I am writing in response to the commentary that Chris Martin wrote about head coach Dick Tomey. If you were at the game or watched the game on TV, you noticed that there seemed to be a lackluster effort by some of the players, especially on defense. You look at the football team and their so far disappointing season and you immediately need to point the finger to Tomey. His play calling is terrible and the fact that he put in McDonald to kick the field goal at the end was a major mistake. He yanked McDonald due to the fact that he couldn't make an extra point and then decides to throw him in there for a 45-yard field goal. There was no reason for McDonald to be in there. That was a coaching mistake and mistakes are due to happen.

The thing that really ticked me off was the fact that Tomey allowed Manuia Savea to start the game on Saturday. What kind of example does that show to the rest of the team and the student body? There was no reason for Savea to even be on the sidelines for Saturday's game. He should of been made an example of and he should of suffered the consequences. Tomey demonstrated that there is no discipline on his football team and winning is all he cares about. Thank you Dick Tomey for showing what kind of first class citizen you are.

Jason Kissen

Politcal science sophomore

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