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Fraternity acted properly

By Jeff Fields
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 28, 1999
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To the editor,

Was he paddled or wasn't he paddled? Even though Ashley Weaver's complete commentary on Thursday contained comments regarding something about "homoerotic... paddling," that question is totally irrelevant. The thing is, none of this would even be an issue if he hadn't gone to the hospital to ensure his own safety. Instead of pointing fingers, running investigations or running commentary articles about the possibility of someone getting "their tushy touched," why not write about the fact that after he realized he consumed too much alcohol, he didn't hesitate to go to the hospital for help. Sure, "Mr. X" messed up and drank too much when he shouldn't have, but I don't think there are many college students out there that can say they haven't had too much to drink at some point in time. The fact is, he got help and possibly saved his own life. The negative publicity concerning the student's hospitalization caused me to believe that someone out there would rather take their chance at home and risk the dangerous consequences of alcohol poisoning, rather than go through all the media BS that our wonderful Wildcat loves to publish. The point is, he and his fraternity brothers did the right thing seeking out medical attention. The hospital is there to help people. Please remember that no matter how negative an article can sound, when one's life is at stake, don't take chances! Oh, and by the way, I can think of things slightly more "hazardous" than getting hit on the ass with a paddle, like reading bad literature for example, or driving under the influence, or smoking.

Jeff Fields

Communication senior

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