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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 28, 1999
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University police arrested a man Tuesday after he became belligerent because he couldn't use a pair of tweezers, police reports stated.

A UA employee called police after Richard Carswell, 24, of the 6700 block of East Hawk Road, came into the Campus Health building, 1600 E. University Blvd., looking for a pair of tweezers and was denied, reports stated.

According to reports, Carswell needed the tweezers to remove some objects from his ears.

After the employee said he couldn't use their tweezers, Carswell became angry and began to raise his voice.

When police responded to the scene, the employee said Carswell had gone to Steward Observatory, 933 N. Cherry Ave.

The officer went to the observatory to look for Carswell, and a professor in the building said he had problems with Carswell before.

The professor said Carswell had been in the observatory about a month ago walking in and out of classrooms, reports stated.

Carswell is not a UA student, and the professor told him he had no business roaming the building, reports stated.

He said Carswell then became angry and left the building.

When police found Carswell, he said he was never in the Campus Health building, and he went to Steward Observatory to find a pair of tweezers to remove some objects from his ears, reports stated.

Police had arrested Carswell for suspected criminal trespass within the past year, reports stated.

Because he is not a student, the officer who arrested Carswell warned him against coming on campus unless he had a legitimate reason.

Police decided he had no legitimate reason to be in Steward Observatory or Campus Health, and Carswell was cited on suspicion of second degree criminal trespass.

He was released at the scene.

Two UA students called police Tuesday to report that a man had exposed his genitals to them about three weeks ago, reports stated.

The two women said they were walking on North Cherry Avenue at about midnight Oct. 7 when they saw a man wearing only a black ski mask.

They said he came up to them and fondled his genitals.

The man didn't say anything to the two women, reports stated.

The women didn't notice any distinguishing features about the man, and they said he followed them from the intersection of East University Boulevard and North Cherry Avenue to the intersection of Cherry and East Fourth Street, reports stated.

Police are connecting the case to a similar incident that occurred Sunday near Pi Beta Phi sorority, 1305 N. Mountain Ave.

The incident Sunday also involved a man who was wearing a black ski mask and nothing else.

A UA student called police Tuesday after finding that his UA parking permit was missing.

The man parked his 1994 Ford Probe in a lot at 920 E. Fourth St. at 10:30 a.m. When he returned at 11 a.m., his parking permit was gone, reports stated.

The man had no idea how someone could get into his car, because the windows and doors were locked, and there was no damage to the exterior of the vehicle, reports stated.

Police responded to a UA student's report of a hit-and-run accident to his car.

The student told police he parked his 1997 Nissan at 4:45 p.m. Monday in a lot at 801 N. Cherry Ave., and when he returned at 9 p.m. later that night, his car had a large dent on the front passenger side door, reports stated.

The car had gray paint transferred near the dent, but the student said he knew of no witnesses.

A UA student called police Monday after discovering a large dent in her front driver's side door.

She said she parked her 1995 Chevy Blazer at about 10 a.m. Sunday in a lot at 1236 N. Warren Ave., and when she returned at noon that day, her car was dented, reports stated.

There was no paint transferred to her car, and no note was left.

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