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Editorial: Bob Walkup is lesser of 3 evils in mayoral race

Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 1, 1999
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Republican candidate Bob Walkup should not be Tucson's next mayor.

But politics today usually don't allow voters to select the perfect candidate. Voters are generally relegated to choosing the candidate who won't do too much damage.

And sadly enough, that's what Walkup -ěwho will face Democrat Molly McKasson and Libertarian Ed Kahn tomorrow in Tucson's general election - is offering Tucson.

Granted, Walkup is not the root of all evil. He does offer a strong background in business and is a practical thinker -ěsomething Tucson has been lacking with Boxcar Willie running the show.

Walkup, a 62-year-old businessman and entrepreneur, also has the right ideas for Tucson's future and has rightly denounced past decisions made by Mayor George Miller and the City Council.

The Republican candidate has voiced his opposition to the City Council's restaurant smoking ban, which prohibits patrons from smoking in area eateries. He called it unfair -ěan understatement at very least.

With conditions, Walkup supports Tucson's Rio Nuevo plan, a project designed to revitalize downtown Tucson by using $60 million of state sales tax revenues garnered by the site's businesses. Rio Nuevo, which is a financially responsible plan that will add much-needed historical and modernized attractions to the downtown area, is also supported by McKasson but has been denounced by Kahn.

And in reality, McKasson and Kahn are the main problems in this equation.

Kahn, a 63-year-old attorney, has one thing on his mind -ěLibertarianism. The principles of the party are all this man seems to care about, leaving him with little to offer a governmental body.

Not only does Kahn have the charisma of gravel, but his ideas are too far-fetched to make any realistic changes.

Kahn finds the city's sales tax oppressive, wants to close down Sun Tran and opposes the Rio Nuevo project -ěsigns of a candidate who is out-of-touch with Tucson's needs.

While McKasson has some good ideas, her time as a public servant has come and gone.

A 51-year-old former City Councilwoman turned teacher, McKasson's viewpoints on key issues are also somewhat flawed.

As an example, her vehement support for the restaurant smoking ban and Tucson's unconstitutional annexation policy shows she is also out of touch with voters.

Unfortunately, neither McKasson and Kahn make tremendous first impressions and neither are particularly articulate, leaving them unable to properly illustrate their plans and represent the city as the chief spokesperson.

Walkup, however, shows some promise.

Only because he is the lesser of three evils, we encourage readers to vote for Republican Bob Walkup in tomorrow's election.

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