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Gnant comments ridiculous

By Mary Ownby
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 2, 1999
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To the editor,

This is in response to the comment made by Sen. Randall Gnant that out-of-state students do not contribute financially to the university.

Mr. Gnant, I find that hard to believe seeing as how out-of-state tuition is around $9,416 and in-state tuition is $2,264. So, Mr. Gnant who pays more to attend this university? That's right, I do!

I pay around $7,952 more than an in-state student. In fact, it would take three in-state students' tuition to equal the amount I alone pay. So, I find it hard to believe that us out-of-state students do not support the university financially.

Furthermore, my $9,416 in tuition buys me exactly nothing more than an in-state students' $2,264. I still have to buy books, pay for housing and utilities, buy food and other such expenditures. I am treated exactly the same, and I have the same bills as an in-state student. Yet, because I am not considered a "resident" of Arizona, I must pay the extra $7,952.

While I recognize my need to make up for 18 years of not paying taxes in the state of Arizona, I find it outrageously unjust to say that I do not contribute financially to this institution and the state as a whole. I pay exactly the same taxes now as any resident does and I have for the past three years. I even stay in Arizona during the summer and work.

Still, I am not considered a "resident" because I go to school full time, and I receive financial assistance from my parents. So, for the next year or so I will continue to happily pay my extra $7,952 for exactly no additional privileges but simply because I am not an Arizona resident.

Finally, I fail to see how my "low" out-of-state tuition adversely affects those students who are in-state. If you like, Mr. Gnant, all of us out-of-state students can go back home, it would sure save us some money!

Then maybe you would see how much that extra $7,952 from each and every one of us benefits the university. Without us you would probably have to raise in-state tuition to cover the loss, huh?

Mary Ownby

Anthropology junior

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