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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 2, 1999
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University police arrested a man Friday after he crashed his car on campus and later began talking to a breath test machine, police reports stated.

An unidentified person called UAPD at about 4 a.m. to report a car accident at East Fourth Street and North Cherry Avenue, reports stated.

When an officer arrived on the scene, he saw a 1995 Ford Mustang near a light post and a man standing near the car.

The officer approached the man, Fidel Curtis, 22, of Wilcox, and noticed the heavy smell of alcohol on his breath, reports stated.

Curtis said he was trying to make a turn at the intersection and crashed into the light post.

The officer asked Curtis for his driver license, which he produced, but when the officer asked for his car registration and proof of insurance, Curtis couldn't find them.

According to reports, the driver's door of Curtis' car was open, and the officer saw a can of beer on the floorboard.

The officer asked Curtis if he would submit to field sobriety tests, and Curtis, who was sitting on the ground, agreed, reports stated.

The officer helped Curtis up, but he was unable to stand on his own, reports stated.

The officer chose not to administer the tests for Curtis' safety, and he read Curtis his rights, reports stated.

Curtis told the officer he drank beer, wine and hard alcohol earlier in the evening, reports stated.

According to reports, after a few minutes of conversation, Curtis stopped responding to the officer.

The officer asked Curtis if he felt tired, and Curtis asked the officer what had happened, reports stated.

Curtis said he didn't remember the accident, and police transported him to the UAPD station, reports stated.

While administering breath tests to Curtis, he began to speak to the breath test machine, reports stated.

Curtis asked the machine what button he should press, reports stated.

When the tests were over, Curtis stood over the machine and asked it again what button he should press, reports stated.

After asking the machine the same question a few times, he told it he didn't know what to do, reports stated.

Curtis then stood up, pressed the "start test" button, and sat back down.

Police then cited Curtis for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a blood-alcohol content of more than .10 and extreme driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content more than .18.

Curtis was transported to Pima County Jail and booked.

A UA student called police Sunday morning after someone assaulted him, reports stated.

The student said he was walking to his residence hall at about 2 a.m. when a man walked by him at East Second Street and North Park Avenue and said, "Fuck Asians," reports stated.

The student asked the man what he had said, and the man punched him in the neck, reports stated.

The student said he then hit the man in the face and the abdomen and ran to his residence hall, reports stated.

The student said he didn't get a great look at the man because it was dark outside, but he thought the man was a short Caucasian in his 20s with blonde hair, reports stated.

As a result of the attack, the student had a two-inch scratch on the right side of his neck, an eight-inch scratch on his right forearm and a two-and-a-half-inch scratch on the back of his right hand.

He told police he thinks the scratches were caused by his attacker's fingernails, reports stated.

Police responded Sunday morning to two calls regarding a break-in and burglary at a UA building, reports stated.

According to reports, someone broke a window on the west side of Flandrau Planetarium, 1601 E. University Blvd., sometime before 4:51 a.m.

The first caller was the building monitor, who said someone had damaged a cash register, two receipt machines, a credit card reader, the window and a display case in the planetarium, reports stated.

The second call to UAPD came about five hours later from a store manager at Flandrau Planetarium. The caller told police that a compact disc player, a telescope and a box of industrial accessories were stolen from the lobby sometime before Sunday.

Police were able to get fingerprints from a glass display case in the lobby, reports stated.

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