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Ecstasy Online

By Hudson J. Genovese
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 4, 1999
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Despite the hazardous effects of the drug, the euphoric intoxicant known as ecstasy has today become a staple for the youth modern dance culture.

The underground drug market is flooded with both the real thing and many different variations of the drug, some with the desired effects, others that produce unwanted side effects. So E-kids into that whole illegal drug thing, are asking themselves, "How do I know what's 'good' E?"

The answer is www.ecstasy.org, an objective, informative Web site created by the late Nicholas Saunders, author of "Ecstasy Reconsidered," an anthology devoted to the negative consequences of using the drug.

Featured on the opening page is a dedication in the memory of Saunders' untimely death, and the site's mission statement.

Once inside ecstasy.org, one can find a 'Q and A' link, which features answers to questions ranging from medical conditions to relationship problems.

There is a link to articles on ecstasy and related drugs that cover topics like manufacturing, research and even dance culture. Also included is a hyper link to books on-line regarding MDMA, including Saunders' "Ecstasy Reconsidered," and "E is for Ecstasy," a book by Alexander Shulgin. Also featured on ecstasy.org, are texts of personal accounts of ecstasy use addressing a wide variety of topics.

Perhaps the most useful link on ecstasy.org is the section on testing. For an "undetermined contribution," a lab will effectively analyze and post the results of a $100-per-pill test. Although the lab has been temporarily shut down due to "pressure from outside," full color photos, common names, ingredients, and complete descriptions can be still attained from the last batch of tests.

If an avid ecstasy user is still not satisfied with the posted web results, visitors can also purchase a home testing kit via the "new" link.

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