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Financial aid is a privilege

By Kelly Lotz
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 12, 1999
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To the editor,

I strongly disagree with Zack Armstrong's editorial, "The Tale of Little Mary Jane." As a financial aid recipient myself, I believe it is a privilege to receive federal assistance. Part of the problem with American society today is that no one wants to take responsibility for their actions - or suffer consequences when they make a "bad choice." Granted, drug dealers should not be condemned to a life of misery once they have been caught.

However, why should they receive the same aid that a diligent "A" student who does work at Taco Bell to pay her bills receives? Furthermore, if the fictitious "Mary Jane" gets ill by the thought of working at the mall, join the club. This doesn't warrant her need to sell drugs for a little extra dough. I waitress twice per week not out of desire, but necessity while in college as well. Not glamorous compared to my career aspirations, but at least I am not doing something illegal - which is key. Selling drugs is illegal. Why else would the government care? I believe that drug users and dealers deserve a chance at rehabilitation. But financial aid was not established for this reason. In my opinion, one should already have his act together before taking out such a huge loan. Students are lucky as it is that officials don't ask for credit history, grade point average, and a blood sample! They are crediting us as intelligent, mature adults who will use the funds wisely. It makes me wonder if Armstrong doesn't have his own stash hidden somewhere and is therefore angry at the new system.

Kelly Lotz

Journalism junior

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