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Christian groups insensitive

By David Rothschild
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 18, 1999
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To the editor,

Campus Christian groups have started the recruiting process once again, and this time they have the ultimate rush tool, either rush or go to hell!

And I thought the stress of midterms was bad. It seems everywhere I go on campus religion is being rammed down my throat. Last year I lived in the dorms and because I didn't have the courage to tell one of the crusaders off I was stalked all year. Is this the way to get the word of God across? I think not. Whatever happened to the belief in separation of church and state? Today, I went to go eat lunch in the union, and while consuming my mid-day snack, I look down and there in front of me is a sign that said "Agree with Dave." So now am I to understand that the university endorses the crusaders? I think everyone has the right to express their religious views, but I am insulted every time I walk past a ranting and raving preacher, and he tells me that I'm going to go to hell if I don't accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior. What have I done to this person to have them attack my personal religious beliefs, which happens to be Judaism. When will people learn that alienating people isn't always the best way to get them on your side? I wish everyone could learn to respect each other's religion, but I'm afraid that the crusaders are too disillusioned with the thought of reaching heaven that they will do anything to get there. Everyday, I live my life the best way I know how, and if that has no importance on Judgment Day, I guess the crusaders will have the last laugh, and I'll be headed for Hell in a bucket!

David Rothschild

History junior

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