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Christian beliefs come from God

By Bernardo Velasco
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 23, 1999
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To the editor,

This letter is in regard to the situation many may have read about last Thursday in the Wildcat telling of the defrocking of a minister because he wed a homosexual couple. I am concerned that many will examine this event and draw incorrect conclusions. I am afraid that many will decide that the minister's actions were justified and that "the church" should endorse such unions. Unfortunately, there is a problem with this thinking. The flaw is that by supporting such marriages under God, the Body of Christ would be compromising their beliefs. Herein is the problem, a belief system by definition, is absolute and consistent throughout. As Christians, we get our belief system directly from God, as it is found in his word, the Holy Bible. Therefore, we humans cannot select which of God's laws are just and which are not. As a believer in God and Jesus Christ, I must (and do) accept every single word contained in the Bible. The same goes for anyone who claims to be Christian. I must accept it as either entirely true and the word of God, or not at all!

Therefore, no Christian church can justify performing same-sex marriages because, God and the Bible have spoken against it. Does this mean that homosexuals cannot be children of God? Certainly not!

Just as any sinner is welcomed, desired, and loved by Jesus - whether they are a liar, thief or adulterer - so are homosexuals. He desires to have a relationship with everyone, no matter who they are or what they have done. Isn't it an awesome testimony of God's love that he sent his Son to live a sinless life, die at our hands (his own creation!), be sent into hell (to conquer it for his believers) and be resurrected to cleanse us of our sins, no matter what they are? Surely, He loves every one of us and, the only sin He will not forgive, is the rejection of this magnificent truth.

Bernardo Velasco

Environmental science senior

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