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Arizona Daily Wildcat,
December 2, 1999
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No. 12 Texas vs. No.3 Nebraska at San Antonio
Texas favored by 8 points
No. 7 Alabama vs. No. 5 Florida at Atlanta
Alabama favored by 7 points
Navy vs. Army at Philadelphia
Army favored by 6.5 points
Western Michigan at No. 11 Marshall
Arizona favored by 15 points
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville (NFL)
Jacksonville favored by 10.5 points
Sports Editor
Well, well, well, Nebraskaās chance to prove they belong with the big boys. Even with a blowout win, Frank Solichās crew wouldnāt make the Sugar Bowl. But, a blowout win is not in sight as Major and the ĪHorns light the scoreboard up in the Alamo against the Black Shirts. Texas 27, Nebraska 21 Florida is seeking some revenge over Shaun Alexander and his teammates. The slogan ćRole Tide Roleä wonāt matter come kickoff when Steve Spurrier decides who he is putting under center and the Gators get their respect back. Who knows, maybe Spurrier will take the snaps. Florida 34, Alabama 27 Options Away. This isnāt about who has who, or who plays where, this is simply about pride. The right to be the best among the two for the next year. It is a classic every single year. And since my dad was a Midshipman for a few years, GO NAVY. Navy 17, Army 10 Am I the only person in this country that thinks Marshall being ranked No. 11 is a joke. Granted, they will kill Western Michigan and Chad Pennington is good, but come on, they havenāt played a team worth anything this year. Have fun in the Motor City Bowl. Marshall 47, Western Michigan 13 Kordellās out, Tomczakās in, big deal because they still stink. Brunell, McCardell, Smith, Stewart and Boselli bring way too much fire power. The best thing the Steelers can do is lose out, because then they can draft Pennington and have a decent QB. Jacksonville 34, Pittsburgh 14
Asst. Sports Ed.
Texas stumbled last week, but letās give A&M credit. Nebraska has lost the last two against the Longhorns, so theyāre out for revenge. QB Eric Crouch and WR Bobby Newcombe are just too much for Texas to handle, and Nebraska slides into the Sugar Bowl. Or maybe not. Nebraska 45, Texas 24 Floridaās two-quarterback system is terrible, while Alabama is terrible, aside from Shaun Alexander. The SEC championship is never quite the game it is billed as, but this one should be close as Shaun Alexander runs rampant, and Florida QB Jessie Palmer airs it out. Florida 24, Alabama 20 Wishbone and option a-plenty in this one ÷ the way football should be played. Navy never seems to win this game, but I have a feeling the Midshipmen will come out and tame the Cadets in a low-scoring affair. Navy 12, Army 8 Go, Broncos go! The Thundering Herd will fall to the Brown and Gold and spend their holiday in Americaās best-kept secret, Detroit, for the Motor City Bowl. Chad Pennington? Please, heās no Tim Lester. Western Michigan 34, Marshall 31 ćSlashä moves to the slot against the Jaguars, and itās a good bet heāll stay there permanently. Mike Tomczak, the NFLās all-time backup quarterback, takes charge and leads the Steelers into contention for drafting Chris Redmond. And then theyāll wait for Chris Simms. Jacksonville 45, Pittsburgh 13
Chris martin
Sports Reporter
Can the Longhorns actually beat Nebraska twice in one year? NO! Nebraska is still holding on to hopes that they can make to the Sugar Bowl, so they will put up a fight. The blackshirt defense is too dominate to loss twice to Texas in the same year. Nebraska 35, Texas 17 Will a Steve Spurrier squad loss three times in one season? Not gonna happen this year, the Gators are mad after their loss to Dillards Discount U (Florida State) and they are going to take it out on the Crimson Tide. Shaun Alexander will get held in check this game. Florida 31, Alabama 21 Watch the seamen come right out of the gate and score all night long. The Cadets will falter in the battle of the armed forces, as Navyās option proves to outmatch the Army defense. Too bad Army can be all that you can be in this one. Navy 69, Army 14 The Broncos from almighty Kalamazoo are looking to pull off the upset of the MAC and zoom into the Motor City Bowl. Tim Lester will prove he is the best quarterback in the MAC as the Kalamazoo faithful will drink their Bellās Beer with joy. Western Michigan 35, Marshall 24 Whereās Slash? Huh, oh thatās right, he is on the bench. It is time for former Bearās legend Mike Tomczak to lead the Steelers to victory. The Steel City has a new savior after tonightās game as the Jaguars fall to Tomczak and ćThe Bus.ä Pittsburgh 24, Jacksonville 21
Ryan Finley
Sports Reporter
Major Applewhite leads his Longhorns against the Huskers in the Dr. Pepper Big XII Conference title game. Texas was devastated after last Saturdayās loss to Texas A&M, and will go on to play in a lesser bowl, like the Mr. Pibb/Mello Yellow consolation game. Nebraska 41, Texas 21 The two most overrated teams in the south square off in the SEC Championship. Look for the Georgia Dome to explode, as footballās biggest jerk, Steve Spurrier, runs up the score on the Tide. ĪBama will be wishing for the days of Bear Bryant following this one. Florida 66, Alabama 30 Both teams run the option. Both teams suck. Although Iām not going to watch this one, Navyās athletes and discipline will barely eek out a tight game against the Cadets. Both teams should just be lucky they donāt have to play Air Force. Navy 35, Army 21 Two of the nationās most surprising teams square of this weekend in the rolling hills of West Virginia. Wannabe Heisman Chad Pennington passes his way back into contention as the Thundering Herd smash the Broncos in a moonshine-drinking, tobacco-chewing, banjo-plucking, redneck hoe-down. Marshall 45, Western Michigan 10 Kordell Stewart is done at quarterback. Bill Cowher is close to quitting. Nothing seems to be going right in the Steel City. Looks like Jacksonville CB Carnell Lake got out just in time. Mark Brunell scampers behind human wrecking ball Tony Boselli en route to a romp. Jacksonville 38, Pittsburgh 10

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