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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
December 3, 1999
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University police arrested two UA students Wednesday after responding to a fight in a residence hall, police reports stated.

A resident assistant at Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., called police at about 4 a.m. to report that Nicholas Tarrab and Brian Newman, both 19-year-old Coronado residents, were fighting.

When police arrived, an officer spoke with Tarrab first.

Tarrab told police that Newman came into his room, opened his closet and started throwing all his clothes on the floor, reports stated.

Tarrab said since he and Newman are pledges in the same fraternity, he was going to do the same thing to Newman's clothes, reports stated.

Tarrab said he went to Newman's room and began throwing clothes on the floor, reports stated.

According to reports, that was when the two began fighting.

Newman told police he kicked a bathroom door to get to Tarrab, and the kick left a hole in the door, reports stated.

Both men had marks on their torsos from the skirmish, reports stated.

The students' stories agreed, but neither admitted to throwing the first punch, reports stated.

The officer at the scene noticed the smell of alcohol from both men's breath, and asked if they had been drinking, reports stated.

Tarrab admitted to drinking earlier in the evening, reports stated.

Police cited both men on suspicion of disorderly conduct and minor in possession of alcohol.

Newman was also cited on suspicion of criminal damage for kicking the bathroom door.

UAPD officers arrested a man early Wednesday morning after responding to a fight by a campus-area restaurant, reports stated.

A UA student and his girlfriend, also a UA student, told police they were walking by the Marathon Greek Restaurant, 1134 E. Sixth St., at about 1:10 when a man threw a bagel at them, hitting the woman in the wrist, reports stated.

The couple asked the man, later identified at Victor Gutierrez, 25, of the 1100 block of East Seventh Street, why he threw the bagel, and he denied throwing it, reports stated.

Minutes later, Gutierrez told the couple he had thrown the bagel and they had "better be ready to fight," reports stated.

The woman said Gutierrez then approached her boyfriend and threw a punch, reports stated.

She said she left the scene because they were fighting, reports stated.

After police took control of the situation, a search of Gutierrez revealed a baggie containing a green, leafy substance.

The couple said they did not wish to press charges against Gutierrez for assault.

Gutierrez was cited on suspicion of possession of marijuana and released.

A UAPD officer transported the couple to University Medical Center, 1501 N. Campbell Ave.

Police arrested a man Monday after stopping him for driving his car with expired registration.

Rene Rodriguez, 24, of the 300 block of West Alturas Street, was driving his 1995 Dodge Neon near the intersection of East Elm Street and North Ring Road at about 11:49 a.m. when the officer saw him.

Rodriguez pulled into a nearby parking lot and the officer parked his car and approached him as Rodriguez got out of his car, reports stated.

Rodriguez told the officer he didn't have his driver license, but his wife was looking for his registration and insurance information, reports stated.

A background check of Rodriguez's name showed his license was suspended.

Rodriguez then told police the original license plates on the Neon had been confiscated by police and the plates he was using are from another car he owns, reports stated.

The officer asked Rodriguez if he could search the car because he smelled the possible odor of burnt marijuana, reports stated.

A search of the car revealed two hand-rolled cigarettes containing a green, leafy substance.

Rodriguez was cited on suspicion of possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance and knowingly displaying fictitious license plates and released at the scene.

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