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Camp Wildcat going strong

By Justin Price
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
December 8, 1999
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To the editor,

Camp Wildcat's struggle with ASUA has been widely publicized and mostly misrepresented. After reading the Dec. 3 article ASUA seeks to ease appropriation confusion, I realized it had gone on too long.

For some reason, Camp Wildcat is being used for demonstrative purposes for issues which are totally unrelated to our situation. I hope that Lavit helps clubs who don't understand funding guidelines, however this is not at all the case with Camp Wildcat. Director Ransom seems to believe that we did not understand funding requirements, and so we didn't get the money we asked for. I think we need a Graff or a Roa Packet for the appropriations board.

ASUA guidelines state they will not fund philanthropic events, not organizations as stated in the article. We are unquestionably a philanthropic organization, but in the incident Ransom refers to, we were asking for money for a weekend retreat for our student members to train them to be counselors for our weekend camps with children. It could in no way be described as a philanthropic event. Interestingly, in a later request, we were given $1370 for the spring version of the same event. We appreciate the money, but there is clearly some inconsistency. If another club asks for money to help kids, or if another club feels as though their case was grossly mishandled and appeals a decision, then it would be logical to reference us. Other than that, the comparisons need to stop. It seems every time a senator or Appropriation Board member makes a statement, they mention Camp Wildcat, and never in any manner which could be considered favorable, rather depicting us as struggling and confused. And how does the Young Republican President find a connection between SAS and Camp Wildcat, calling us both controversial? Another interesting tendency is for people to agree with Ransom's comment encouraging us and clubs like us to keep applying. The fact is, we were told that any of our events with kids (which is most) will not be funded, and so to keep applying as the senators urge would be futile.

The fact is Camp Wildcat is going strong. We held three amazing camps this semester, and have worked with well over 250 Tucson children. We do our activities because we love working with kids. It's a simple purpose and shouldn't be convoluted with politics.

Justin Price

Camp Wildcat chairman

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