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Greek statements inaccurate

By Craig Lowden
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 18, 1999
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To the editor,

This is in response to the editorial "Dartmouth's model for a better Greek System" (1/13/2000). The writer makes several ludicrous and erroneous claims which they think will result in a better Greek System at the University of Arizona. I'll address them in order.

1. "Give freshmen the option of not living in (fraternity) houses" ... Here at the UA, most incoming freshmen have housing arrangements for the academic year taken care of well before they rush. They are, in fact, not at all obligated to live in a fraternity house.

2. The writer implies that UA needs more "effective movement against underage drinking in fraternities and sororities." Substance abuse is a campus wide issue, not just a "greek" one. For every MIP (minor in possession) that occurs in a fraternity house and makes Police Beat, there are at least two or three instances of substance abuse problems (alcohol, marijuana) in the dorms. Which is the bigger problem? Why single out just the greeks?

3. They state that, like Dartmouth, UA houses should be required to give to the university an accurate budget which shows chapter alcohol expenditures. FYI, per GAMMA rules, NO chapter funds can be spent on alcohol.

4. "Tougher academic standards/requiring more demanding courses." This borders on absurd, seeing as greeks have the same degree requirements as non-greeks. Hey, author, while you're at it, why not have the Athletic Department initiate a policy that forces all student-athletes to be either Pre-Med or Engineering majors?!

5. The writer implies fraternities do "little to improve the quality of life for students in general." I'd like to know what experience our author has in the greek community to arrive at this conclusion. The UA greek system engages in many philanthropic activities which benefit the community at large as well as teach those involved the value of community service.

I'd love to compare philanthropic/community service participation between the average greek and the average non-greek ...

What we have here is basically a tirade masquerading as an informed article by an author whose experience with the UA greek system is probably limited to reading police beat and having a "frat guy" in one of their classes.

Perhaps if the author had spent some time to research and verify the truth of their claims, this article would have had some value other than comedic.

Craig Lowden

Russian Studies Senior

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