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Column misleading, insensitive

By Tyson Kartchner
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 19, 2000
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To the editor,

Thank you Zack. Thank you for giving us a first hand demonstration of the kind of mentality you tried to portray for the "good ol' boys" in South Carolina. Now, please forgive my misunderstanding, but was your article really about the debate on the Confederate flag, or was it simply an opportunity to try your hand at some Jeff Foxworthy type humor.

Either way, it was a failed attempt.

Now, credit to you for writing on a topic that deserves attention. This debate has been a heated issue, as you mentioned, for quite some time. It does carry deep and strong emotions on both sides, and has candid arguments for and against its display over governmental institutions. Despite your personal taste, the color orange is not one of those arguments. If you continue to feel strongly about this, perhaps you could write to Ireland, Armenia, Sri Lanka, and other countries about the substantial amount of orange in their flags. While you're at it, write to Georgia and Mississippi that both have remnants of the confederate flag in their state flag. Neither is the argument of bad sportsmanship over the loss of the war, but thank you for demonstrating your good sportsmanship in gloating over a tragic time in our nation's history during the terrible Civil War.

That's right Sherman, the "Union troops still get to stomp on them", that's right,

Its still us against them, those horrible Southerner's. Ya, just divide our nation again.

Yes, there are still problems with racial hatred in the south, its an ugly issue and one that is not limited to the south only. It's a problem that, tragically, we still find the need to address. However, if your going to write about the confederate flag as part of this problem then use some real arguments, and if your going to use humor in your writing then humor us and include something substantial as well. Thank you.

Tyson Kartchner

Architecture Senior

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