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McGrath is modern McCarthy

By Ahmad Saad Nasim
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 21, 2000
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To the editor,

Senator McGrath has proposed some interesting bills which obviously will never get passed unless the rest of our legislature is filled with morons. First of all, the computer system's need to be filtered will be really costly and ineffective (since students can always use some alternative ways to go into any Web site they want to). Furthermore, that waste of money could be used to fund our Child Care Program and the wages of our ASUA escort service (the hardest working, yet some of the most underpaid workers on campus). I bet she doesn't know how to use computers for educational purposes.

Next, she wants a bill to have curfews, extensive enforcement for residents in all dorms. Basically, not even your neighbor can visit you after 12 a.m., even if you guys are trying to study for the exam next day, etc. Coconino Hall got rid of a stupid rule where even parents and all friends must leave after midnight. I bet she forgot what it means to be a student, to study for classes and worry about getting advising, how to pay next semester's bills, etc.

Third, she wants to reform or punish the Women's Studies Department due to the fact that the class asks students to buy books from a different bookstore and will teach some controversial material which is important for Women's Identity, Rights and how they are supposed to live in a society that stereotypes them as objects, etc. I bet she forgot how to be a real woman long time ago.

Senator McGrath needs to be reminded that she once was a student, needs to know the importantce of the information age, and I hope she realizes that she is an insult to her own sex by attacking the Women's Studies Department. With all these aspects combined, a worthless individual like her needs some sort of popularity among her own kind, to either keep her position in the State Legislature or to stir up a controversy to make her self known. The last politician I remember like her was Senator McCarthy who unfairly attacked ordinary Americans and falsely accused them of being communists.

By suggesting even more restrictions in the dorms, she has insulted the jobs of all RA's who want to be community builders not to be MOMS of their residents! As I said before, she has no honor of that of a respected woman by attacking the woman's studies department! She really needs to reminded that we are in the information age-As a Muslim, I am against pornography, hate websites, etc, but censorship can bounce back and hurt all of us.

We should always look forward to finish our degrees, have a great student life and join the real world. Pests like McGrath come and go! She might be in State Legislature for the rest of her life (if she has one). We have to move on!

The residence halls don't need any more enforcement - well Coronado is a different story. Forget the computer enforcement - our Women's Studies Department deserves a lot of respect and support. A hundred years ago, this department would be laughed at. Respect and Honor are important aspects for all leaders - it would be nice if some State Senators had the time to think about that.

Ahmad Saad Nasim

ASUA senator

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