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Alpha Chi Omega should be punished

By Katie Fischer
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 31, 2000
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To the editor,

I am writing this letter in response to the editorial written about the reconstruction of Alpha Chi Omega. I am 100% against this reconstruction and do not understand why the university and Panhellenic are allowing an organization, who chose to hurt students at the UA, to re-colonize. The editorial mentioned that Alpha Chi Omega admitted to "funding fraud" and "belittling hazing practices." Why hasn't this organization apologized to its former members, as opposed to having us read about their faults in the paper. This organization lied, manipulated and cheated top quality women out of a sorority experience and a large amount of money. Just a few weeks before the national president Jan Crandall told us that "we had no options" and that we would have to go alum, each one of us was required to pay a $200 assessment fee for past year's expenses. If every word out of this national organization has been a lie, then why is this university allowing them to stay on this campus?

Alpha Chi Omega should have been hauled to court, and now this university is basically condoning their behavior. Alpha Chi Omega has shown no intention of apologizing to its former members, especially the fall '98 pledge-class who were deceived and lied to the minute we accepted bids. If the university cared about protecting women on this campus from fraudulent organizations, then they should not have let Alpha Chi Omega have a second chance at this university. Their only intent is to recruit another crop of women to lie to and make more money off of.

Katie Fischer

Physiological sciences sophomore

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